Join meetings anonymously from your Teams desktop app (across clouds)

Today, if you want to join a meeting hosted in a different cloud to one of your tenant, you are directed to use the Teams web experience. We are improving the experience to allow users to join meetings across clouds from their desktop app anonymously.

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Reply to specific chat message in Teams Desktop

With this update, Microsoft Teams Desktop users will receive the long awaited ability to reply to specific messages in chat from the message actions menu. This will help bring more context into conversations. This feature has already been available on the iOS and Android apps.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 81113.


Chat Delete Capabilities within Supervised Chats

Earlier this year, through the Supervised Chat feature, we provided the capability to block restricted users from starting new chats unless an appropriate supervisor is present.

We are continuing to iterate on this experience and soon we will provide another tool for supervisors to be able to delete any inappropriate chat within those supervised environments.


Direct app purchases and invoice billing support in Teams Admin Center

Teams Admins will soon be able to purchase third-party app subscriptions worldwide directly in Teams Admin Center through the “Plans and pricing” feature. Payment methods include invoice billing and credit card purchases. Private plans will be available for purchase with privately-negotiated rates between ISVs and your organization.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 83144


Microsoft Teams: Enable Teams users to purchase app subscriptions through the Teams app store

Updated September 07, 2021: We have updated the message to provide additional clarity. Thank you for your feedback.

At Build 2021 we announced the ability for Teams users to purchase third-party app subscriptions directly from the Teams app store. From within the store, users can view subscription plans offered and go through the checkout process to pay with a credit card.


Microsoft Forms: Manage and organize your forms and quizzes now

This new Forms feature release will allow users to manage and group all forms and quizzes as desired and in their own way, to efficiently archive and categorize their forms into collections.

This is rolling out desktop, web and mobile.


Microsoft Teams: Real time data for Teams Meetings in Teams Admin Center (Preview)

This new release (preview) of Real-time telemetry metrics for Admin will help you identify issues during a Teams meeting.

Note: This feature will be available for all customers as part of the Teams preview. Beginning in January, 2022 the Advanced Communications add-on license will be required.


(Updated) Retiring Teams mobile support for devices running on iOS version 13 and below

Updated August 31, 2021: We have updated the timeline below. Thank you for your patience.

We will be retiring the Teams mobile support on iOS version 13 and below. Instead we recommend that users upgrade to newer iOS builds, which is where we will continue to invest our development resources. We will also begin encouraging users to update to the newest version of Teams if they’re running builds older than 1 year.


Mirror my video in Microsoft Teams meetings

Now you will no longer have to see the text flipped. Imagine a scenario in which a primary school teacher has a small whiteboard in hand and is trying to teach school kids basic alphabets. Or imagine you have a virtual background with text in it. While the user on the other end of the meeting can see the text correctly, you the text flipped. By providing you the option to un-mirror, you will be able to see the text correctly.

This feature will be helpful at the following locations:


Microsoft Teams: Mirror my video

Mirror my video feature provides the user the option to un-mirror their video and thereby have the same view as the other users(s) in the meeting. By un-mirroring their video, the user will see the text correctly. No more flipped text in backgrounds or while holding a small whiteboard while teaching primary school kids. This feature is helpful in gallery, large gallery, ppt-content only sharing, and ppt-live scenarios.


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