Microsoft Teams: Share content experience improvement on Teams Rooms on Windows

Teams Rooms on Windows is updating the user interface to share HDMI and content camera in the meeting. The new experience provides a better task completion and provides experience clarity for in room users, ensuring that the users can easily share content in the meeting.


Microsoft Teams: End to end encryption for one-to-one calls in Teams Rooms on Windows

Teams Rooms on Windows can be configured to encrypt all person-to-person (P2P) calls. The callee must also have encryption setting turned on. When in an encrypted call, both caller and callee can verify encryption key to make sure the call is end to end encrypted and secure.


SharePoint: Migrate SharePoint Server 2019 to SharePoint in Microsoft 365

Migrate classic content as well as modern content from SharePoint Server 2019 to SharePoint in Microsoft 365, now supported in SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT).


Microsoft Teams: View meeting transcripts on Microsoft Teams for Mobile and iOS

You can now start transcription for your meetings, and view the meeting transcripts after the meetings on Microsoft Teams for iOS and Android.


New ‘Activity’ Column in OneDrive ‘My Files’ list view

We are introducing a new Activity column in OneDrive My Files list view. The goal of this feature is to help users stay up-to-date on the files that they are working on with others by surfacing relevant activity information. We will show file activity related to actions, such as, user comments, edits, share, and @mentions.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 88913


Pre-assign Channel members to Breakout Rooms

This Breakout Rooms for Channel Meetings feature enables meeting organizers to efficiently pre-assign channel members to Breakout Rooms (both auto and manual) ahead of a channel meeting start.

Please note, that Meetings with Breakout Rooms are limited to 300 participants. If the channel contains more than 300 members, pre-assignment will not be available. Meeting organizers will have the ability to assign participants to Breakout Rooms during the meeting. 


View Video Recordings and Attendance Reports Inside LMS

The Microsoft Teams Meeting LTI app has now enabled users the access to meeting video recordings and attendance reports directly inside their LMS. The feature will be available to use in all of the LMS’ that are incorporating the Teams Meeting LTI app.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 96402


Microsoft 365 admin center: Time trends for Productivity Score people experiences

Time Trends in Productivity Score helps IT admins understand historical information about people experiences in their environment. Time trends extends organizational trend data from 28 days up to 180 days across Content collaboration, Meetings, Teamwork, Mobility, and Communication insight categories within people experiences. Productivity Score and people experiences must be enabled by a Global Administrator within the Microsoft 365 admin center to access this feature.


Microsoft Compliance center: Microsoft Purview | Data Loss Prevention: Decoupling the User Notifications and Policy Tips on Exchange DLP

With this update you will be able to configure policy tips and email notifications in your Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies for Exchange Online independently for more granular control.


Microsoft Teams: Home page for Teams for Education class teams

Home page provides a central destination for the latest announcements, resources, upcoming assignments, class files, and meetings for a class team.


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