Microsoft Viva: Leadership Corner in Viva Engage

This space is an employee’s personalized hub to discover (leader discovery & suggested leaders), see content from (leader stories, activity feed, & sponsored campaigns), and engage with (AMAs & AMA history) their leaders. For more on leadership corner in Viva Engage.


Get ready for Answers badges in Microsoft Viva.

Answers badges are coming to Viva Engage! People can get recognized by their colleagues through the Answers feature based on the upvotes their questions or answers have earned, or if their answers were marked as the best answer.

These are the 5 different badges that can be earned:


New Experiences coming to Viva Engage

Next month, new experiences will be available within Viva Engage for Microsoft Viva customers.

Admins will see new capabilities and service plans in the Admin Center and new experiences in the Viva Engage app in Microsoft Teams, and on For an overview of these experiences, check out this blog.


Microsoft Viva: Engage Premium Analytics

New advanced personal, community, and leader analytics to better understand engagement, reach, insights, and sentiment in communities and storyline posts in Viva Engage.


Sentiment Analysis in Viva Engage Premium Analytics

Audience Analytics, part of Viva Engage premium, will enable users identified as leaders have access sentiment analysis features powered by Azure Cognitive Services (ACS).

Sentiment in your audience uses ACS sentiment analysis to understand the aggregate sentiment across all public posts and comments on storyline and in communities written by members of the leader’s defined audience.


New Viva Engage Admin experiences releasing next month

Next month, new admin experiences will be available within the Viva Engage Teams app for Microsoft Viva customers.

When this will happen:


Get ready for Answers in Microsoft Viva

Answers is a conversational experience for asking questions and connecting people to answers, and appears as a tab in Viva Engage. Learn more in the announcement blog (Announcing Answers in Microsoft Viva), or view the Microsoft Mechanics segment (YouTube).

Note: Customer tenants will need to be in Native Mode (Yammer Native Mode: step-by-step guide) and require Yammer topics being migrated to Viva Topics (Viva Topics experience in Yammer).


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