Inline Suggestions Available While Composing an Email or Meeting Invitation in Outlook on the Web

While composing an email or a meeting invitation in Outlook on the web, users will see inline suggestions from Microsoft Viva Insights to help improve productivity and wellbeing. These complement the inline suggestions they already see while reading emails and meeting invites. Inline suggestions are also available in Outlook for Windows. Inline suggestions will be available to all Microsoft 365 users with these Service plans.

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Daily Briefing Emails for users with Outlook language setting as null

The Briefing email from Microsoft Viva helps users start their day on track by surfacing information to prepare for upcoming meetings, follow up on outstanding tasks as well as protect time for independent work. Currently, the Briefing email is available for Microsoft 365 Enterprise users with Exchange Online mailboxes in these languages.

Some eligible Exchange Online users may not receive the briefing email today as they do not have their language preference set in Outlook. Starting in mid-May, the Briefing email will be sent in English to users who have their Outlook language setting as ‘null’. Users will receive an email for 30 days with a note requesting them to update their Outlook language preference. If users do not provide a language preference, the email will be discontinued after 30 days.


MyAnalytics dashboard and Briefing email settings changes

The Config Settings page in the MyAnalytics dashboard allows users to customize working hours, set up focus plan, set quiet hours, set up delay delivery, and, when applicable, configure their team. The Config Settings page will be replaced by the Settings page, which has settings for the daily Briefing email in addition to the existing controls.

Upcoming Settings page changes:


Inspiration Library in Microsoft Viva Insights

Inspiration library is a new feature available in preview through the Viva Insights app in Teams. The Inspiration library turns insights into action with access to curated content and best practices from top sources like Harvard Business Review and Thrive. The productivity and well-being insights delivered by Viva Insights are enhanced by premium content focused on driving better employee experiences and boosting engagement.

This will roll out on Android, Mac, Desktop, and iOS.


Microsoft Viva Insights: Enroll in Focus plan from the Insights app in Teams

Viva Insights is introducing updates to better enable users to protect time for focus from the Viva Insights Teams app. These updates to the protect time page will allow users to enroll in a focus plan and adjust preferences to auto book focus time on one’s calendar from within the Insights app in Teams. Users enrolled in a focus plan will also see insights about their progress towards their focus time goals.

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Shared focus plan in Viva Insights

Viva insights is releasing new capabilities to help teams protect time for focused work. The shared focus plan will enable managers and team leads with a Microsoft Viva Insights license to foster mutual productivity norms and drive a positive team culture by inviting teams to coordinate focus time for uninterrupted work.

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Supporting four additional languages for Headspace in Viva Insights- French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish

In 2021, Viva Insights had rolled out curated set of guided meditations and focus music from Headspace in the Microsoft Viva Insights app in Teams for users who have set English as their language in Teams. With this planned app update, this experience will now be expanded to users in 4 additional languages (French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish).

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Microsoft Viva: Briefing Email support for Japanese and Simplified Chinese

This personalized, actionable briefing email from Microsoft Viva, automatically delivered to your Outlook inbox to help you start the day on track and stay on top of tasks, will support Japanese and Simplified Chinese.
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Microsoft Viva: Enabling Delay Delivery Plan in Outlook to Microsoft Viva Insights licensed users (preview)

To empower people with personal insights and recommendations in the flow of work that help build better work habits, we are expanding Delay Delivery plan in Outlook to Microsoft Viva Insights licensed users (preview). The Delay Delivery plan is currently available only to people who are using Microsoft Viva Insights (MyAnalytics) and are enrolled in the MyAnalytics (Full) service plan.

Microsoft Viva Insights will show you suggestions for scheduling email deliveries that align with the recipients’ working hours in their respective time zones. The delay helps minimize disruptions to recipients outside their working hours.


Microsoft 365 admin center: Viva Insights usage report

This usage report will help IT admins understand the number of daily enabled and active users for Viva Insights.
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