Loop components in Word for the web in Targeted release

Microsoft Loop components are live, interactive, collaborative objects that you can embed in Teams chats and emails – and now in Word for the web – as a convenient way to ideate, create, and plan together. While working in a Word online document, you can now create or paste a Loop component, which will insert it directly in the document canvas and can be shared with others on teams or email as well. This will help in easier and faster collaboration on documents as others’ edits will be immediately seen in your Word document. Everyone in your organization with whom you’ve shared the document will be able to edit it and see changes instantly.

When this will happen:

Targeted release: We will begin rolling out to target release users in early December and expect to complete by early February.

How this will affect your organization:

Loop components add dynamic elements to your document that you can share in Teams or email, where everyone’s edits keep your document up to date. You can insert or paste a Loop component in your Word online document to track work items, gather ideas, and more. Click here (Use Loop components in Word for the web) to learn more about Loop components and how to use them in Word Online documents.

What you need to do to prepare:

This feature will be gradually rolled out to users who are part of our Targeted release audience. Please make sure Loop components are enabled for your tenant for users to use this feature. You can check if Loop components are enabled for your tenant and take the necessary steps to enable them, if not already enabled, here: Manage Loop components in SharePoint.

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