Customization of quarantine notification

We are making it possible for you to customize quarantine notifications with your organization logo, custom display name, and a custom disclaimer.

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SharePoint classic site usage reports to be moved to a new link

We are relocating classic usage and popularity reports in the SharePoint admin center classic site collection settings.


Migrate content from Box to Microsoft 365

This new feature release will enable admins to take advantage or our expanded support for third-party cloud providers and migrate content from to Microsoft 365. This release allows you to transfer your Box files and folders as well as convert Box notes into Word documents.

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Microsoft Teams: Custom policy packages

Earlier this month, March 2021 (MC243733), we announced the release of policy package assignment to groups that allowed you to assign multiple out of the box policies to a group of users based on roles to better manage policies in your organization.

This new release of custom policy packages will enable you to build and configure your own set of policy packages tailored to users with similar roles in your organization.


Changes to Microsoft To Do Support Experience

We have made some changes to the support experience on Microsoft To Do. On the Android, iOS, Web and Windows apps while the experience remains the same, we have made a few changes to the Support module that will require the app to be updated.

On MacOS we will no longer support the in-app chat experience to raise support tickets. Instead, on Mac, clicking on “Get support” from “Help” will open a webpage from where support tickets can be raised. 


SharePoint: Simplified editing of user interface elements in multilingual communication sites

In 2020 we rolled out the multilingual communication site feature which allowed a site owner to enable multiple languages for page and news publishing in a SharePoint communication site.

With this update, a user with appropriate edit permissions can update selected multilingual user interface (MUI) elements in all the languages enabled in a multilingual communication site in the same editing session. MUI elements enable users to see and use SharePoint site interfaces in the language they prefer, instead of the default language that was selected when the site was created.


De-identify personally identifiable information in Teams admin usage reports

Usage reports in Teams admin center currently exposes user identifiable information like AAD Id, User name, email etc. in various reports (like Teams user activity, device usage reports )

Currently, M365 admin center Teams usage report has capability to de-identify personal information which is present in usage reports available in M365 admin center (see more). However, these settings don’t apply to usage reports available in Teams admin center.


Down Announcing availability of DLP data sets in Microsoft 365 Activity explorer

You will soon be able to view data loss prevention (DLP) data sets within the Microsoft 365 compliance center Activity explorer. 

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Microsoft Information Governance – Update to retention policies for SharePoint site collections

We’re updating the behavior of SharePoint sites which have been released from a retention policy. Today as documented, sites which are removed from a retention policy continue to retain data and prevent any deletion of the site for 30 days to prevent inadvertent data loss. Going forward, when a site is removed from a policy or the policy is disabled or deleted, the site will be allowed to be deleted and moved to the recycle bin, however all other behaviors for data preservation will remain the same, all data preserved in the Preservation Hold Library continue to stay there and any files deleted will be continued to be preserved for the 30 days following this change. This will enable scenarios where the site no longer needs to be under policy and needs to be disposed of immediately.

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Changes coming to the default new Yammer setting

We are pleased to announce the next phase of the new Yammer experience. In September 2020 (MC222345), we released an opt-in toggle for new Yammer for all users. 

With this upcoming change, admins that have chosen the Enable the new Yammer as opt-in setting will have the new Yammer experience set as the default for all Yammer users. If your tenant is already in new Yammer as default or Enable the new Yammer for all users with no opt-out option, nothing will change for you or your users.


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