M365 Certified App Security & Compliance in Teams Admin center

Teams Admin center (TAC) is releasing a new feature to help admins conveniently view security, compliance and other information about third party apps directly in TAC. The “App Security & Compliance” feature will be available for all Microsoft 365 Certified apps.

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On-demand channels post translation in Teams iOS and Android

This release of on-demand channels post translation will allow users to translate channel posts that are in another language, into the language of their choice. This is rolling out on the Teams iOS and Android from the latest store builds.

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SharePoint: Page Details Updates

These updates will allow users to delete their page, edit the page URL, and copy a link to their page from within the page details panel.

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Lower All Raised Hands

Meeting organizers and presenters can lower all raised hands during a Teams Meeting.

Note: Only meeting organizers and presenters can manage raised hands.


Introducing 2×2 gallery view for Teams meetings viewed in Edge and Chrome browsers

Edge and Chrome browsers will soon be able to display up to four participant videos (2×2) during a Teams meeting.

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Two new Direct Routing endpoints in Japan

Direct routing service is adding capacity across regions and that capacity falls into already published Teams IP ranges and domains. Please make sure that all published Teams specific endpoints are permitted for your Direct Routing scenarios.

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Roaming bandwidth control

Roaming bandwidth control is a new capability that allows admins to set dynamic bandwidth policies which are based upon the geographic location of users’ Teams clients. This allows admins to set more limited bandwidth controls for when users travel to remote or bandwidth constrained locations, and then relax limitations when they travel to a location with higher bandwidth capacity. Initially two settings from the Teams Meeting Policy will be included – AllowIPVideo, andMediaBitRateKb

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Exact Data Match support for Customer Managed Key

After a successful public preview (MC246007) in April 2021, this new release will enable you to be able to encrypt Exact Data Match (EDM) data using your own Customer Managed Key (CMK), further enhancing EDM data security.

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Office for the Web – retiring File Share Embed

We will be retiring the File Share Embed dialog from Office for the Web (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Visio) beginning July 1st 2021. Instead we recommend the utilization of SharePoint File Viewer Web Part or existing Graph APIs (e.g. PreviewItem,) which is where we will continue to invest our development resources.

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Microsoft Secure Score improvement action updates

We’re updating Microsoft Secure Score improvement actions to ensure a more accurate representation of security posture.

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