Start Configuring Viva Engage in the new Engage admin experience

The Viva Engage experience has now arrived! You can discover this experience through search by searching for Viva, or Engage, as well as navigate to the experience via the setup tab, and then click on the Viva Collection. From the Viva suite page admins can navigate to the Viva engage app page where admins can begin their Viva Engage deployment process.

When this will happen:

This is now available.

How this will affect your organization:

In this experience Admins can assign licenses, set up policies, and assign the right person in your organization to take over configuration for your tenant. Upon completing the steps in the guided dashboard, admins can let the app admin take over management of the app.

When admins feel the need to make any changes to their app setup page, they can return to the experience which provides the ability to edit your app’s configuration Get started with the new experience here and learn how to configure your Viva experience. 

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