Teams Personal Tabs in Outlook for iOS

Teams Personal Tabs will soon appear on Outlook for iOS. This will complete the changes announced in Oct 2022 in the Outlook Blog.

Teams apps must be validated to work on the mobile form factor. After the user or admin installs the app on Teams or Outlook, the personal tab will now appear automatically in Outlook for iOS. 

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When this will happen:

Standard Release: We will begin rolling out in early June and expect to complete rollout by early July.

How this will affect your organization:

The “More” button in the Tab Bar at the bottom of Outlook for iOS will be renamed “Apps“. The Files, Contacts, pages as well as any Mobile-ready teams will also appear there. The user can re-order and pin these apps to the Tab Bar. 

What you need to do to prepare:

This is part of a larger change to accommodate extending Teams apps across Microsoft 365. Full documentation for these changes across Microsoft 365 can be found here.

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