Updates to Viva Insights Teams and Web App

We’re consolidating the Viva Insights app in Teams and on Microsoft365.com into four tabs: Home, Wellbeing, Productivity, and Teamwork. We’re also updating the design, modifying the navigation, adding new insights and recommendations for qualifying managers, changing how we define teams, and bringing over some functionality from the now-retired MyAnalytics dashboard. 

Note: Senior leaders with three or more reporting layers will continue to see the previous Viva Insights app, including the Organization trends tab. In the coming months, we’ll share an updated roadmap of improvements tailored to this audience. 

When this will this happen:

We’ll begin a targeted release for these changes in early March 2023 and complete our worldwide rollout by early April 2023.

How this will affect your organization:

After these changes, all users will:

Notice that content has been reorganized by outcome areas. We’re bringing over content from Stay connected, Effective meetings, Inspiration library, Protect time, Organization trends, and Teamwork habits into our new consolidated tabs. As a result, discovering and using features in the flow of work will be easier. 

Experience improved navigation and find features more quickly. For a better navigation experience and to help users find features, we’re arranging the new tabs vertically. 

Not be able to configure their team members. Users will no longer be able to create a team or modify team members from within the Viva Insights app. Only Azure Active Directory data or organizational data uploaded to Viva Insights will determine reporting structure. Users who don’t manage direct reports won’t be able to access manager insights within their digest email or manager 1:1-related content. 

Find key insights about work patterns from MyAnalytics. We’re including key insights from the retired MyAnalytics dashboard, like Network and Collaboration habits, in the redesigned Viva Insights app. While select MyAnalytics insights are discontinuing (for example, charts that show weekly time available to focus versus time spent collaborating), users will now find all their personal insights in one place. 

After these changes, managers with fewer than three reporting layers will: 

Find relevant team insights integrated across all four tabs. The Teamwork habits tab, which provides a consolidated view of these insights and capabilities, will no longer be available. 

Find 1:1-related content on the Teamwork tab, instead of as suggested tasks for individual contributors. New 1:1 features will help people managers and their direct reports regularly meet and discuss top-of-mind topics. 

Not be able to edit their team lists. As mentioned above, only people with direct reports will be able to use team-related features. Because Viva Insights uses Azure Active Directory data or uploaded organizational data to determine who has direct reports, people managers won’t be able to add or remove people from their teams from within the app in Teams. 

After these changes, managers with nine reports across fewer than three reporting layers will:

Find relevant leader insights integrated across all four tabs. The Organization trends tab, which provides a consolidated view of leader insights, will no longer be available.

Notice new aggregated insights that help them better understand the wellbeing and productivity of the organization. These insights include uninterrupted focus hours, daily active hours, focus time adoption, focus time impact, and join on time rate. 

Discover associated actions for aggregated insights, like setting up a recommended plan. Along with associated actions, managers will find relevant articles from the Inspiration library, insight trends over time, and insights contextualized from peer organizations broken down by organization.

What you need to do to prepare:

  • Review and assess the impact on your organization. 
  • Review our documentation on preparing and uploading organizational data. 
  • Consider updating your documentation to reflect the above changes. 

We’ll update our documentation to reflect these new changes in sync with the rollout, and you’ll continue to find it at: 

Personal insights introduction | Microsoft Learn and Manager and leader insights in Viva Insights | Microsoft Learn

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