Outlook: Enterprise warning dialog

Now there is clearer messaging and cleanup options when you run out of email storage.


Outlook: [iOS] Text predictions in Quick Reply

Text predictions will be available in the quick reply experience as they have already been in full compose.


Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Quarantine Notifications enabled for Preset Security Policies

We are updating the recommended quarantine notification policy in the Standard and Strict preset security policies.


Exchange: Test-Message coming soon

We are introducing a cmdlet called Test-Message that tenant admins can use to independently investigate issues related to the processing of their Exchange Transport Rules (ETRs) and Unified DLP rules without having to engage Microsoft support for assistance.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 100494


Outlook on the web – Update locations to message compose options

Originally announced in MC427760 (September ’22), Outlook on the web is updating where some message-compose options are located, depending on how you use Outlook.

  1. For all users – The formatting bar will be relocated to the top of the message compose window, similar to the common “ribbon” you see in other Microsoft apps.
  2. For all users – When composing a new email message, the “Send”, “Discard”, and formatting bar will now be located at the top of the compose window.
  3. For users with “newest on top” option – When you reply to a message, the “Send”, “Discard”, and formatting bar will be located at top of the compose window.


Changes to navigation in Outlook for Android

Originally announced in MC450188 (October ’22), Outlook for Android is making it easier to find all your contacts, files, and more. See our blog post at Navigating Outlook for Android and iOS – Microsoft Community Hub

Users will see changes to the tab bar at the bottom of Outlook for Android, a new Floating Action button, search will be renamed Feed with a new Icon, and Contacts and Files will be found under the “More” button. 


Exchange: Test-Message Cmdlet

Last year we disabled the test-message cmdlet for further enhancements. We are happy to announce that we are introducing the new and improved test-message cmdlet for external use. With this cmdlet, tenant admins can now independently investigate issues related to the execution of their Exchange Transport Rules (ETR) without engaging Microsoft support for assistance in investigation.


Bookings: Availability for G1 customers

With this update, US government customers with G1 licenses will be able to use Microsoft Bookings.


Announcing Retirement of Remote PowerShell (RPS) protocol in Exchange Online PowerShell

You might already be aware that we made REST-based Exchange Online PowerShell v3 module generally available in September 2022 (read more here: Exchange Online PowerShell V3 Module General Availability).


Pausing the Briefing emails from Microsoft Viva

Based on customer feedback we’re taking some time to improve the content of the Briefing emails from Microsoft Viva to be more personalized for each recipient. We will pause sending these emails in early 2023 and will share an updated Briefing email roadmap later in 2023.

When this will happen:


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