Microsoft Defender for Office 365: End user reporting for suspicious messages in Microsoft Teams

End users will be able to report suspicious Microsoft Teams messages as a security threat just like they do for emails – to help the organization to protect itself from attacks via Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Purview compliance portal: New cmdlet for exporting Activity explorer logs (GA)

Currently available in public preview (MC400567), we’re introducing a new cmdlet option in Security & Compliance PowerShell to enable export of all Activity explorer log data.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93281.


New access point for Microsoft Intune Help and support

This week, Intune’s Help and support resource has a new access point in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center to make it easier to troubleshoot or create a support case. Now, you are able to access support and perform topic-specific searches in context via the ? icon near your profile picture rather than being directed away from the current screen.

How this will affect your organization:


Outlook: Policy to Enable/Disable the new Outlook for Windows for an entire organization

The new Outlook for Windows desktop client is available to customers in the Office Insiders Beta Channel. We will continue to roll out the option to try this preview client to Office Insiders in Current Channel (Preview) starting in early October to provide the best emailing experience for your employees. If you do not want your employees previewing this new client yet, we are also releasing a policy to disable access to the client for any of your organizations.

How this affects your organization:


Microsoft Viva: Present Topic answers in Context Region from Search

Moving Topics answer from mainline to Context Region to build up the search pattern to find knowledge entities in right panel.


Microsoft Viva: Topics in Outlook Desktop

Learn more about topics being discussed in your organization without leaving Outlook Desktop. With this feature, Viva Topics can detect that a topic is mentioned in the email that is currently in focus in read mode. In this case, Viva Topics will prompt the user to open the Viva Insights panel where they can see a list of all topics referenced in the email along with a view of the topic descriptions and the people/resources associated with the topics.


Microsoft Viva: Language expansion – Italian and Poutuguese

Viva Topics will soon support indexing content and generating topics from documents written in?Italian and Portuguese (as well as English, French, German, and Spanish). Topics can be edited and experienced in your language. Japanese and Simplified Chinese?coming in 2023.


Microsoft Viva: Manage learning providers in Viva Learning Admin tab

Learning admins can manage the configured learning providers in Viva Learning admin tab. This feature will provide a detailed sync status as well as sync logs in case of a failed sync.


Microsoft Teams: Payments in Microsoft Teams

Grow your business by getting paid for appointments, classes, or events you host on Teams. Once you connect a third-party service to receive payments, you’ll be able to request payment right during a Teams meeting—and have customers pay you in just a few clicks. This feature is supported for businesses registered in the United States and Canada at this time.


Microsoft Viva: Access your Viva Learning assignments from Viva briefing email

With Viva Learning and Viva email (formerly briefing email) integration, users can keep a track of their due/overdue assignments from Viva email.


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