Microsoft 365 admin center: Experience insights for Microsoft 365 admins

,The Experience insights in the Microsoft 365 admin center offers admins consistent data across usage, feedback, Net Promoter Score, and Help articles consumption. Admins can use such data to increase user satisfaction by launching relevant trainings and awareness campaigns in the organization. This experience would be particularly valuable to those roles in the IT organization who are responsible for understanding and improving the user experience for Microsoft 365.


Microsoft Teams: View attendance report on Microsoft Teams for Android and iOS

You can now check the attendance information for regular meetings or webinars and also the registration information before webinars on Microsoft Teams for Android and iOS.


Microsoft Teams user request configuration to external systems (URL redirect)

Microsoft Teams apps help facilitate collaboration and enhance team productivity. Some organizations choose to control which apps their users can use, blocking apps from use until IT has reviewed and approved them. For these organizations, the recent app discovery update (MC350372) enables users to indicate which blocked apps they want to use, allowing IT to focus their attention on the apps their users want. As always, IT retains control over which apps their users can use.

We heard from some IT organizations that they have existing processes to manage how users should request access to apps, and they want to use these same processes for approving Teams apps as well. In response, we are adding optional organizational settings to enable Teams admins to customize the experience for their users to request access to apps that are blocked from use. These settings include:


We’ve changed the minimum iOS system requirements for Outlook for iOS and watchOS

Outlook for iOS is supported on the two most recent versions of iOS. When a new version of iOS is released, Outlook’s Operating System requirement becomes the two most recent versions: the current version of iOS and watchOS and the previous version.

With iOS 16 currently in beta, Outlook for iOS is preparing to drop support for iOS 14. In addition, once iOS 16 is released to GA, the system requirements for Outlook for iOS will be updated to reflect support for iOS 16. Microsoft will update the minimum system requirements for Outlook for iOS app from iOS 14 to iOS 15.


Viva Topics expands language support to French, German and Spanish

Viva Topics is expanding language support to French, German and Spanish in Q3CY2022, this will enable customers operating in content more than English benefit from Viva Topics and empower users to share more knowledge across org! Main capabilities include:

  1. AI to process content written in not only English but also in French, German, and Spanish and extract topics from those content,
  2. Human to curate topics in French, German and Spanish to enrich topics content and improve topics quality
  3. Users to be able to view topics in align with users’ preferred language and switch language to view all content from topic page.


Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Actions from the email entity page

We are adding the ability to take actions from the email entity page. You can take email remediation actions, create submissions, tenant level block actions (block sender/domain/file/URLs), investigative actions from email entity page.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93295


Outlook Cross Profile Calendar Sync for Android Managed Devices

Cross Profile Calendar Sync for Outlook enables users with Android Work Profile configured to see a complete view of all account calendars in one place – making it easier for work profile users to manage their schedule from a mobile device.

Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 92463


Microsoft Exchange Online: Change to soft-deleted period for inactive mailboxes

When all holds and retention policies are removed from an inactive mailbox, it becomes soft-deleted and remains in Exchange for a period of time to allow for recovery before permanent deletion. Based on customer feedback, and to maintain consistency with other solutions, we will be changing this period to 30 days (from current 183 days).


Microsoft Teams: Transcription will be turned on together with Recording if the “Record automatically” meeting option is on

If meeting organizer set the “Record automatically” meeting option to on for a meeting, Transcription will be turned on together with Recording when the meeting starts, if transcription is allowed by admins. This will make recording playback experience accessible.


Microsoft Teams: Video clip

Video clip is a new feature in Microsoft Teams that enables the user to record, review, send and view short, lightweight video message in Teams chat from desktop and mobile.


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