Introducing Performance Insights (preview) for Model-driven apps

Performance Insights is a self-service tool for enterprise app makers that analyzes runtime user data and provides a prioritized list of recommendations to help improve the performance of model-driven apps.


Opt-out from Multi-Window Producer

We recently rolled out the Multi-Window Producer experience (announced in MC248212, April 2021) to all users. Since the Multi-Window Producer experience for Live Events currently does not have the Call Health Panel, we are providing an opportunity for you to opt your users out of the Multi-Window Producer experience and continue using the single view experience until the Call Health Panel is available for the Multi-Window Producer Experience. 

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 81804


Improvements to Service Health Dashboard and Incident Communications

We are updating the Service Health dashboard to make it quicker and easier to find out about active issues of the services

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Workbook Link Support Enabled in Excel for the web

Delighting our customers with faster, smoother, and frictionless experiences in Excel for the web is an uncompromised goal across the Excel team. With this in mind, we recently added Workbook Link Support to Excel for the Web, to help customers quickly launch and edit their Excel documents.

In response to customer feedback, this represents another significant step toward quickly opening Excel files and editing them with less interruption in the process. This communication is meant to highlight the changes our customers are asking for, and to reaffirm our commitment and ongoing investment in Excel for the web rich end user experiences.


Microsoft Lists: new Integrate drop-down menu, powered by SharePoint

As part of updating the command bar at the top of Microsoft Lists, we are introducing a new top-level menu item: Integrate. This is the home for features that help extend list experiences. 

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Manage Auto-Claim Policies for products containing Microsoft Teams

An auto-claim policy lets users automatically claim a license for a product the first time that they sign into an app. As an admin, you typically assign licenses to users either manually, or by using group-based licensing. By using auto-claim policies, you manage the products for which users can automatically claim licenses. You can also control which products those licenses come from.


New for Communication Compliance: policy health check and ability to pause policy

New capabilities coming soon to the communication compliance solution in the Microsoft 365 compliance center will give you additional guidance and control over your policy settings.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 68687.


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