Microsoft Teams: View Together Mode for everyone for GCC-High and DOD

Meeting organizer and presenters will be able to start Together Mode in the meeting for all the participants.


Microsoft 365 compliance center: Microsoft Purview | Endpoint DLP – Advanced classification scanning and protection (U.S. Government clouds)

Advanced classification scanning and protection allows the Microsoft 365 cloud-based data classification service to scan items, classify them, and return the results to the endpoint device. This enables admins to include more advanced classification techniques, such as exact data match, into data loss prevention policies. Admins will also have the flexibility to set a per-device bandwidth limit for a 24-hour period to regulate bandwidth usage.
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Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Recipient Block using Tenant Allow/Block List Senders

,Today the Tenant Allow Block List is used to prevent users from receiving email from select senders. However, users are still able to send emails to that same address or domain. With this new feature, the Tenant Allow Block List will be extended to prevent users from sending emails to addresses and domains that are added to the Allow/Block list.


Run team-owned Office Scripts in Excel for the web

Office Scripts is an automation feature set in Excel for the web. With this update, users can save their scripts to a SharePoint site, in addition to their OneDrive for Business.

Note: External network calls made within a script that is saved to a SharePoint site are not supported at this time. If any SharePoint-based scripts do contain an external call, the script will return an error when ran and the external call will not be made. 


Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) integration with Microsoft Teams

In addition to integration with Canvas and Blackboard, Microsoft has now partnered with Moodle LMS to deliver seamless integrated learning experiences. Microsoft Teams Meeting LTI and Classes LTI apps are now available within Moodle.

Note: If your organization does not use Moodle LMS, you can safely disregard this message.


Announcing retirement of the Hide option in the Power BI service

The Power BI service gives you the option to Hide items from the different sections of your Home canvas: Favorites + frequents, Featured, Recents, Shared with me, and My apps. While giving you the ability to add your previously hidden content back to your Power BI Homepage at any time.

Support for the above will be removed and the option to Hide any of your Power BI content from your Homepage will be retired.


Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle & Records Management & eDiscovery- Rollout update: optimized file version behavior

To improve the consistency of experience and performance, any file with multiple versions that is deleted from SharePoint or OneDrive which is preserved to the Preservation Hold Library (due to its applicable retention label, retention policies or eDiscovery holds) will now be retained as a single file containing its full version history, rather than each version being retained as individual files as has been the case until now.

We are pleased to confirm that rollout of this feature (originally announced in MC288633 October ’21) is now unblocked and will begin in mid-July 2022.


Updates in Microsoft Teams Allows Users to Create, Submit, and Review Employee Updates

Updates in Teams is an out-of-the-box app that enables people to create, submit, and review all their updates, check-ins, and reports in the flow of work. Whether those are recurring processes that happen on a regular basis, like a weekly update, store opening, or facility inspection, or in the moment updates that might be needed at any time, like a shift handoff, maintenance request, or incident report, Updates makes it easy for people to manage them all in one place. People can use the templates in the Updates app to get started and configure them for specific business or team needs.

When this will happen:


Microsoft Purview: eDiscovery (Premium and Standard) – Jobs limit update

Beginning in July 2022, we are making changes to jobs-related limits enforced in eDiscovery (Premium and Standard) solutions to give your organization’s eDiscovery administrators and managers greater flexibility on how jobs are run and what types of jobs can be run at the same time.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 85583.


Microsoft Edge: Get your favorite tools in Microsoft Edge sidebar

Easily access commonly used tools while you browse the web, including Calculator, Internet speed test, and Unit converter.


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