Microsoft Purview eDiscovery (Premium): Review set usability enhancements (GA)

We’re rolling out several usability enhancements to Review sets for the eDiscovery (Premium) solution in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal.

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Microsoft Teams Detailed Call History Feature Update

Users will now get a more comprehensive view into whether calls were transferred or forwarded in Microsoft Teams’ call history.

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Microsoft Stream: Upload and Manage Files in the Stream Web App

You can upload a new a video directly from the Stream Web app. If you have permissions, you can move the video file to a new location or make a copy. 

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Microsoft Purview | Communication Compliance: Multiple public preview features rolling out to general availability

New features, currently in public preview, are coming soon to general availability for the Communication Compliance solution in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal.

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Microsoft Purview Audit: General availability of New Search functionality

Currently available in public preview (MC391072), we’re introducing new search functionality for Microsoft Purview Audit (Standard) and Audit (Premium).

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Dynamics 365 Unified Interface – Grid columns shrink when selecting a row

On Monday, September 19, 2022, we received user reports that, following a recent service update, grids column width decreases when selecting a record.

Our investigation identified that the impact for this issue began Monday, September 19, 2022, 2:20 AM (1:20 AM UTC) , and determined that it was caused by an upgrade to a third-party component used by grids. This component has a different behavior for column sizing, causing your grid to not fill the available space on your page.


Reminder: Microsoft Office default change – Blocking VBA macros in files from the internet

VBA macros are a common way for malicious actors to gain access to deploy malware and ransomware. As a reminder (MC322553 in Feb 2022, MC393185 in June 2022), to help improve security, we are changing the behavior of Office applications to now block macros in files from the internet. Learn more in this blog post.

This change only affects Office on devices running Windows and only affects the following applications: Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, and Word.


Updated and more comprehensive Microsoft Teams app usage report for administrators

For Teams administrators, Microsoft product team is working on an updated version of Teams app usage report which has many enhancements (mentioned in detail below). This report will be available to our public\GCC cloud customers in late September and will eventually be made available to GCCH and DoD cloud customers.

The new app usage report brings in new enhancements like support for usage of line of business (LoB) apps, Tenant level install trend, enhanced quality of metrics reported, tenant wide usage of Microsoft, 3P and LoB apps etc. These enhancements will help the admin measure the usage of Teams app across their organization. As a result of which, the existing Teams app usage report available in Teams admin center will be retired by early October. 


Teams user/device usage report and Graph API data source change

As communicated in our earlier message center post (MC343434 March ’22), we made updates to Teams related usage report in the Microsoft 365 admin center (and corresponding graph APIs) to be more accurate and upgraded. Considering the underlying data source was revamped, it also introduced differences in the usage data reported by Microsoft 365 admin center vs usage data in Teams admin center. 

As promised earlier, to bring in consistency across different reporting surfaces, we are updating the Teams admin center usage reports and end user analytics in Teams with same underlying data source as Microsoft 365 Admin Center Teams usage reports.


Stream migration tool public preview and general availability

Customers who wish to migrate existing Stream (Classic) content to Stream (on SharePoint) can soon use the Stream migration tool in public preview. This tool will allow you to transfer audio and video files to Stream (on SharePoint) while also bringing over all critical metadata and permissions associated with your Stream (Classic) content. Additionally, the tool will ensure that links and embeds of Stream (Classic) content will be redirected to the same content on Stream (on SharePoint).



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