Microsoft Purview compliance portal: Information Protection – Exact Data Match adding support for role-based access control (RBAC) for EDM upload authorization

Customers will be able to choose to leverage RBAC to authorize users for uploading data to the Exact Data Match (EDM) service instead of leveraging the EDM_DataUploaders security group for authorization.


Microsoft Teams: One Time Passcode (OTP) for simplified setup of Teams Rooms on Windows

This feature introduces a new and simplified way to setup Teams Room on Windows. During the first boot experience, the user will be presented with an option to enter an OTP to automatically fetch the resource account credentials and sign into Teams Rooms. The users will need a pro license to utilize this feature and provision the OTPs on the Teams Rooms Pro Management Portal.


OneDrive: Files On-Demand for Web

The Files On-Demand options of “Always keep on this device” and “Free up space” will soon be made available on OneDrive for Web for your synced files. You will be able to select files and folders to be always available offline on your device directly from within the browser without having to navigate away to File Explore or Finder to perform this action.

OneDrive will download these, and they’ll take up space on your computer. You will also be able to “Free up space” by selecting a file or folder that you previously marked as “Always keep on this device”, and they will no longer take up local storage space.


Microsoft Teams: Require background blur when no background is selected (Premium)

When enabled, if a user does not have a background image applied their video background will be blurred.


Microsoft Viva: Create up to 50 Viva Connections experiences within a tenant

Customers with Viva suite or Viva Communications and Communities license can create up to 50 distinct Connections experiences for their audience groups. This is currently limited to only 10 experiences.


Greenland DST changes 2023 update now available

Updates are now available to reflect the new 2023 DST changes in Greenland. As previously announced, Greenland’s standard time will permanently shift to UTC-2, which is the same time that has been observed since March 25, 2023. In 2024, Greenland will resume annual Daylight Saving Time between March and October by temporarily shifting from UTC-2 to UTC-1. In support of this decision, Microsoft has released Windows updates to the latest versions of Windows 11 and Windows 10 on September 26. All other supported versions of Windows will receive the update as part of the October 2023 monthly quality release. A few users might notice a minor time discrepancy in the historical message string data. Please visit Greenland DST changes 2023 update now available for further details. 


Outlook: Updated Left Navigation Options and Folder List Improvements

The folder list in the new Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Web experience is undergoing some UI changes to make it easier to read and navigate.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 166993


Viva Engage AMA Events Enables Private AMA and Now Allows Multiple Hosts and Organizers

Today Viva Engage AMAs only allow for AMA Events that are public and open to the entire organization, though they might only be promoted to specific groups of people they could be discovered and accessed by anyone in the organization. With this update, AMA Events will now allow you to make your event private and only accessible to a specific list of attendees. Additionally, we will also be releasing a way for you to add up to 10 hosts and organizers to help expand the types of events you can host and make moderation easier.

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Preview: Discover Shadow IT via Defender for Endpoint Stream When Devices are Behind a Network Proxy

Defender for Cloud Apps can discover Shadow IT network events detected from Defender for Endpoint devices that are working in the same environment as a network proxy appliance.


Updates to Offline Search in Outlook Mobile on iOS

Outlook Mobile in iOS now supports offline search capabilities, even for organizations where admins have disabled Apple’s Spotlight capability using Intune. While these capabilities are limited to keyword searching (for now), it unblocks users from finding critical information even when they’re offline.

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