Pin based verification process for support callers

Updated November 21, 2023: We have updated this message to reflect that the change impacts administrators only and not end users. Thank you for your feedback.

In 2020, we added a PIN-based verification step to our existing phone-based verification process, to better protect your organization. If you call support, the Microsoft support representative will send a verification code to your registered email or phone in your Admin Center profile. Provide this code to the support representative to grant them access to your organization’s account.


Microsoft Teams: Domain-specific search

Users will be able to narrow down their search results and find what they are looking for faster. Get more precise search results by picking up a specific domain like files, group chat or Teams. You can find domain specific results by typing a person’s name also.

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Profile Card in Teams Mobile

Introducing new Profile Cards in Teams Mobile.

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What’s new in the Microsoft Intune Service Update for November 2023

Your Microsoft Intune account has been updated to the latest service build.

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Introducing Staged Rollout feature for Graph Connectors

Staged rollout is a feature that allows you to gradually introduce Microsoft Graph connectors to a select group of users in your production environment. You can use it to deploy an existing or new connection to a limited set of users, monitor the performance, and adjust settings as needed. You can expand or shrink the scope of the rollout at any time. When you’re ready, you can end the staged rollout and deploy the connection to the entire organization (or to all applicable users).

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REMINDER: Viva Pulse Customization Control Migration

The customization control in the Viva Pulse Admin Experience will soon be managed through centralized feature access management in Viva through PowerShell. This customization control provides admins the ability to turn on or off customization capabilities for survey authors to add their own questions to existing stock templates or edit existing stock questions. With centralized feature access management, admins can configure access at the tenant level, group level (using AAD groups or M365 Groups), or at the user level, for maximum flexibility.

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Microsoft Teams – Teams app on Teams Rooms on Android and paired Touch Consoles to be updated in sync

With this feature, the Teams app updates will happen in sync for Microsoft Teams Rooms (Android) and their paired touch consoles. This will be applicable for both manual and automatic updates done from Teams admin center.

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Viva Goals – Custom Terminology

The goals term customization feature allows organization admins to customize terminology used in Viva Goals. Now, program owners can run goal programs using nomenclature that best suits their organization. Terms such as OKRs, Objectives, Key Results and Initiatives can be customized in the admin settings.

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Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management: Public preview of recommended actions for finetuning policies

Coming soon, Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management will be rolling out the public preview of recommended actions for finetuning policies.

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Viva Pulse – Teams Chat Notifications Requires Latest Viva Pulse Teams App Version

In addition to email and Teams Activity feed notifications, Viva Pulse will begin to deliver notifications through Teams Chat. Users will only receive Teams Chat notifications if they have the latest Viva Pulse Teams app version installed (Version 1.0.9 or higher). As the admin, you can do the following to ensure users receive Teams Chat notifications:

  1. Create a Teams app setup policy to install the latest Viva Pulse Teams app version for users in your tenant.
  2. Encourage users on old Microsoft Teams to select Upgrade in the banner at the top of the page when they visit the Viva Pulse Teams app.
  3. Encourage users on new Microsoft Teams to select Apps on the left side of Teams, Manage your apps at the bottom left of the screen, and Update next to Viva Pulse. 


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