Task publishing: Teams activity feed items for all team members/owners when an urgent task is published to their team

What’s changing: In response to numerous customer requests, we’re improving visibility when an urgent task is published to a Microsoft team. After this feature is rolled out, when an organization uses the task publishing feature to publish a task with a priority set to Urgent, each member or owner of the team that receives this task will receive a Teams activity feed informing them that an urgent task was published to their team. This will ensure greater visibility for the time-sensitive urgent tasks, such as product recalls that need to be acted upon at multiple locations as soon as possible. This will not affect when a user creates an urgent task in the Tasks app for their own team. This change in notification activity is specific to the special task publishing functionality which must be enabled by an admin.

What is task publishing: The task publishing feature is designed for frontline organizations that need work to be completed across distinct locations (such as stores, clinics, factories, branches). Task publishing allows business leaders to centrally define a set of tasks to be completed and distribute a copy of those tasks to tens, hundreds, or thousands of teams across your organization. Frontline organizations can also monitor the status of the work during execution. Visit the task publishing documentation to see a video overview of the feature. You can also view the instructions to set up task publishing for more information.


Microsoft 365 admin center: Bring your own domain to use for Microsoft 365 product emails

Email notifications from products within Microsoft 365 are sent out to users in various ways. In many cases the emails are sent out from the user but there are system emails, like alerts, batched, or digest emails. These are sent from various product-specific no-reply email addresses, like no-reply@sharepointonline.com, no-reply@planner.com, no-reply@project.com.

Opting into this change means that administrators can select a verified domain to use for these emails. All products and features mentioned in the supported products link provided below can utilize this feature across Microsoft 365 and the support article will be updated as products onboard to utilize the setting. Emails will be routed to your Exchange Online instance within your tenant and the emails will then be sent out to your users from your tenant.


SharePoint: Improving the Page Authoring Experience

We are releasing new improvements to the Page authoring experience in SharePoint. These new improvements should help reduce clutter, increase productivity, and add more value for users when editing a page.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 117376 and 117377


Microsoft Viva: Manage Interests – Curate Interests for your tenant and tag content with interests

Admins can curate interest inventory for their tenant and tag content with the curated interests, enabling learners with personalized experience to pursue learning with these interests.


Microsoft Purview compliance portal: Data Loss Prevention – Ability to fetch the original file resulting in policy match as evidence

Admins can access the file that resulted in the DLP restrictions with the DLP alert experience. This level of visibility will help analyze the amount of content that triggered the DLP violation, assess severity, and inform remediation.


Microsoft Teams: Two-way lobby chat

Provide a seamless client experience with an interactive lobby that allows facilitators to send messages to customers prior to the meeting.


Updates available for Microsoft 365 Apps for Current Channel

We’ve released updates to the following update channel for Microsoft 365 Apps:

  • Current Channel


Microsoft Syntex: Combine Two or More PDF Files with Merge PDFs action in OneDrive for Android and for iOS

Microsoft Syntex users can soon combine PDF files into one PDF file with the Merge PDFs action in OneDrive for Android and iOS. The Merge PDFs action lets you quickly combine multiple PDF files into a new PDF file stored in SharePoint or OneDrive.

This post is associated with Microsoft Roadmap ID 117547, 117549


Updating the look and feel of OneDrive

We’re making a small set of visual updates to OneDrive to help align the product with the latest iteration of Microsoft’s design language. Microsoft uses the Fluent design system to ensure a cohesive and accessible design for all Microsoft products and users.

When this change is released, you will notice an updated color palette, refreshed icons, increased opacity for drop shadows, and rounded corners for square graphical elements.


Microsoft Purview eDiscovery (Premium): Tenant-wide jobs report (preview)

We are releasing a tenant-wide jobs report as public preview in Microsoft Purview eDiscovery (Premium).

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 101518.


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