Outlook: Advanced Room Finder with filters for Government clouds

Adding an Advanced Room browse functionality with filters for Building/Room List, type, capacity, floor, and features replacing existing Room Finder add-in in meeting form for Government clouds.


Microsoft Information Protection: Microsoft Purview | Auditing and Analytics in Outlook for iOS, Android, and Mac (DoD)

Outlook for iOS, Android, and Mac will send user label activity data to the Audit Log and Activity Explorer (depending on licensing configuration) for admins to search and review.


Exchange Online-Updates to the file type list in the common attachment filter

In anti-malware policies, you can select specific file types to identify as malware using the common attachment filter. Any email message with attachments of these specific file types will be handled per the policy settings. You can configure this specific list of file types by selecting them from the pre-defined list in the policy properties in the Microsoft 365 Defender portal or by manually adding your own (custom) file types using the power shell Set-MalwareFilterPolicy cmdlet in Exchange Online PowerShell.


General availability of Advanced Message Encryption – Office 365 Message Encryption portal access logs

Coming soon to general availability, admins will be able to enable logging of external user activities accessing the Office 365 Message Encryption Portal to retrieve encrypted mail. This feature is currently in public preview.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 88914.


Exchange Online-Add, edit custom file types in Anti-malware policy

In anti-malware policies, the common attachment filter allows you to select specific file types to block. Any email messages with these types of file attachment will be handled as per the policy settings. In addition to turning on the common attachment filter, you can customize the list of file types, but only by using the Set-MalwareFilterPolicy cmdlet in Exchange Online PowerShell.

We’re enhancing the anti-malware policy experience of anti-malware policy by adding the ability to view/add/remove custom file types in the anti-malware policy settings in the Microsoft 365 Defender portal.


Microsoft Stream: Stream web app

The Stream web app improves how you view and publish video and audio files that are uploaded to Teams, Yammer, OneDrive, and SharePoint. The app and player experience works seamlessly with Office.com and brings key features of Stream (classic) into SharePoint. You can easily prepare your video for publishing with a title and description right under the video, set the custom thumbnail, add chapters, generate a transcript, share videos, and even share your video at a specific time code. Office.com and Share links to video and audio files across Microsoft 365 will get this updated experience automatically replacing the previous player page.


SharePoint Integration in Viva Learning

Viva Learning is changing how it handles permissions settings for any SharePoint-hosted content your organization has added to Viva Learning. Beginning June 16th, Viva Learning will only support Microsoft 365 Groups permissions for the content added through the SharePoint integration. Viva Learning will no longer honor user, or SharePoint based permissions. This means, you will need to configure users’ access to your organization’s SharePoint-hosted Viva Learning content through Microsoft 365 Groups. Instructions are provided at the links below.

When this will happen:


Microsoft Lists: Calendar view item drag and drop

The new feature, Microsoft Lists: Calendar view item drag, and drop will help reorganize Lists items in a calendar view. Users will be able to reschedule items by dragging and dropping them from one day to another in a Calendar view, or by pulling an item from the ‘Unscheduled’ pane that appears on the right, within Calendar view.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 93285


New Yammer as only option for non-admin users

We are pleased to announce that the next phase of the new Yammer experience rollout is a month away. With this change, all users will access the new Yammer experience, and the toggle for classic Yammer will be removed. Admins can still switch to the classic Yammer experience via a new toggle in the Yammer admin settings. 

Key points


Suggested Replies in Teams Desktop

Suggested Replies present users with an option of three responses to choose from for selected messages and is now available to your users in Teams Desktop.

We apologize for not informing you about this change prior to it being released. We continue to work to ensure we are being proactive in our communications. Thank you for your patience.


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