Outlook: Text predictions in Quick Reply on Android

Text predictions will be available in the quick reply experience as they have already been in full compose.


Microsoft Forms: Invitation card, the new type of cover page

Forms users will be able to create an elegant invitation card for casual events and parties with background music and vivid images.


Microsoft Forms: new distribution experience for in-org and external forms

Now by using Forms, users can send forms with the permission setting of anyone can respond to external users by email. Also, a preview of your distribution email sent from Forms will be shown in the sending dialog.


Microsoft Project: Grid Conditional Coloring

Conditional coloring allows one to configure rules on various project fields to visually highlight patterns in the project data.


Microsoft Forms: new cover page templates for forms and surveys

Design your cover page for forms or surveys by selecting from new AI suggested templates within the Theme setting pane. In the Theme setting pane, users can easily design a cover page for their forms by picking from several AI suggested template for any scenarios.


Microsoft Teams: Multitask with Picture in Picture on iPhone / iPad

The new Picture in Picture mode lets you see your meeting in an adjustable window while using other apps on your mobile device.


Microsoft Teams: Notification Granularity

Admins can use Intune to determine the types of content a user can see in a notification on their mobile lock screen.


Reminder: IE11 desktop app will be permanently disabled in 2 months in February 2023 Windows security update “B” release

As previously announced, the Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) desktop app has been retired as of June 15, 2022. IE11 retirement is occurring through two phases:

  1. a redirection phase, currently in progress with devices progressively redirected from IE11 to Microsoft Edge and
  2. an upcoming Windows Update phase that includes IE11 being permanently disabled. The Windows security update (“B”) release that will permanently disable IE11 is scheduled to be available for roll out on February 14, 2023.


Manage Enhanced Teams Apps for the Microsoft 365 App (formerly Office.com) from the Microsoft 365 Admin Center

In April 2022, Microsoft announced the Preview of Enhanced Teams Apps for developers to extend personal apps and message extensions to other parts of Microsoft 365, like Office and Outlook.

Previously, admins in the targeted release program were managing their Enhanced Teams Apps for the Microsoft 365 App (formerly known as Office.com) via the Teams Admin Center. We’re moving this experience to Integrated Apps on the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Teams Admin Center will continue to remain the surface for managing apps on Teams clients.


Loop components in Word for the web in Targeted release

Microsoft Loop components are live, interactive, collaborative objects that you can embed in Teams chats and emails – and now in Word for the web – as a convenient way to ideate, create, and plan together. While working in a Word online document, you can now create or paste a Loop component, which will insert it directly in the document canvas and can be shared with others on teams or email as well. This will help in easier and faster collaboration on documents as others’ edits will be immediately seen in your Word document. Everyone in your organization with whom you’ve shared the document will be able to edit it and see changes instantly.

When this will happen:


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