Microsoft 365 Defender: Secure Score for Government Clouds

Microsoft Secure Score will be available for GCC-H, GCC-M and DoD for assessments on the following Microsoft products: Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Office 365, Defender for Identify, Defender for Cloud Apps and 3rd party applications (through Defender for Cloud Apps). GCC-H, GCC-M and DoD customers will be able to assess their security posture with Secure Score.


Microsoft Purview Information Protection in Microsoft 365 Apps | Office Apps on the Web can create PDFs that inherit the source files sensitivity labels

PDFs created from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will inherit their source files sensitivity labels in Office for the Web when the label is unencrypted.


Microsoft Teams: App suggestions by task in In-context Stores

Users think about which tasks they need to complete such as creating a survey inside Teams. Now, app suggestions will be organized by tasks the apps support as opposed to conventional categories (productivity, project management). As a result, the new categorization will reduce the amount of time users need to spend learning about these apps – helping them to work more effectively. The task-based app suggestions will be added to the Tabs, Messaging Extension, and Bots in-context Stores.


Microsoft Lists: Applied Filters

As you add and adjust filters to narrow or expand what appears in the current list view, you’ll now see which filters have been applied. And you can remove them without going back into the column filter pane. You do this now in the top-left portion of the list.


Microsoft Excel: Get

We will be updating Get & Transform Data tools in Excel (aka Power Query).

When this will happen:


Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management: Retention policy support for legacy Microsoft Teams call data records

Microsoft Teams call data records (CDRs) are system-generated artifacts that contain information about meetings – for example, who joined and when they joined.

Currently, retention policies for Teams (user chats, standard channels, shared channels, and private channel user messages) only apply to CDRs that were generated after September 21st, 2022. 


New Indicator “EA” on Profile Picture for Microsoft Teams Public Preview users

Microsoft Teams Public Preview provides early access to pre-release features for product quality, internal planning, adoption & training readiness before they roll out to the rest of their company. There are no program requirements or commitments. This is an opt-in channel controlled via IT admin policy.


Teams Personal Tabs in Outlook for Android

Teams Personal Tabs will now appear on Outlook for Android. This will complete the changes announced in Oct 2022 in the Outlook Blog

Teams apps must be validated to work on the mobile form factor. After the user or admin installs the app on Teams or Outlook, the personal tab will now appear automatically in Outlook for Android. 


Microsoft 365 admin center: Teams App Usage reporting in M365 Adoption Score

Adoption Score in Microsoft 365 admin center now supports tracking for apps built in the Teams platforms. IT admins will have visibility into monthly/daily active user counts for first-party, third-party store, and third-party line of business applications.


Microsoft Purview compliance portal: Data Lifecycle Management – Increased limits per label for disposition review and proof of disposition (U.S. government clouds)

This feature removes the per label 1,000,000 item limit for items pending disposition review and proof of disposition (reviewed) including record labels.  The tenant limit of 16,000,000 total items pending disposition and disposed still exists.


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