Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge Legacy reporting will be removed from the Microsoft browser usage report

Following the upcoming retirement of the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application on certain versions of Windows 10 (June 15), updates will be made to the reporting in the Microsoft Browser usage report. Beginning at the end of June 2022, all reporting for unsupported Microsoft browsers will be removed. This includes the removal of Internet Explorer (IE) and Microsoft Edge Legacy. Reporting on usage for Microsoft Edge will remain available. 


Microsoft Purview Audit: Preview of New Search functionality

Coming soon to public preview, we’re introducing new search functionality for Audit (Standard) and Audit (Premium).

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Microsoft Purview Information Protection: Maintain protection when creating PDFs (preview)

Updated June 10, 2022: Please review the blog post: Apply sensitivity labels to PDFs created with Office apps for additional details.

Coming soon to public preview, we’re introducing the ability to maintain label and protection for PDF files created from Microsoft Office apps.  


Microsoft Secure Score is adding new improvement action for App governance

We’re updating Microsoft Secure Score improvement actions to ensure a more accurate representation of security posture.

This update will be available for customers with an active app governance license. The update includes a new recommendation ‘Regulate apps with priority account consent’ as a Microsoft Secure Score improvement action.


We’re improving search usage reports with Microsoft Search

Search usage reports enable you to gain more understanding of how search functions and the value of Microsoft Search for your organization. The insights generated from these reports will empower you to take actions that will optimize the search experience and improve productivity for your organization. We are continuously adding new features and capabilities to help search administrators gain insights into the search usage within their organizations.

When this will happen:


Three New Wizards for Compliance Manager, eDiscovery, and Audit

New self-service automation wizards for Compliance Manager, eDiscovery, and Audit in the Advanced Deployment Guides.

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Announcing option to automatically turn on Microsoft Purview Information Protection auto-labeling policy

Admins will now have the capability to configure their auto-labeling policies to be automatically turned on for you if there aren’t any changes to the policy within a set number of days from completion of the simulation. This option is available in the auto-labeling policy setup within the Microsoft Purview compliance portal, as part of the default auto-labeling policy setup, and via cmdlet.

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Microsoft Purview: Additional classifiers for Communication Compliance (preview)

Coming soon to public preview, we’re rolling out several new classifiers for Communication Compliance to assist you in detecting various types of workplace policy violations.

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Update to the Microsoft Cloud Services Subprocessor List

This notice is to inform you of an update regarding the Microsoft Online Services Subprocessors List.

Microsoft may use non-Microsoft organizations to help provide Cloud Services. As a function of their role for Microsoft, a small set of these organizations may process your customer data or personal data, only to deliver the services Microsoft has retained them to provide; they are prohibited from using your data for any other purpose. In accordance with GDPR, we disclose these subprocessors to you in advance of their first engagement and provide notification of any changes over time.


Communication Compliance: Expanded optical character recognition support (GA)

We’re expanding optical character recognition (OCR) support in Communication Compliance beyond text extracted from images or PDFs to also include handwritten and printed text. 

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