Reminder: IE11 desktop application retires in 1 month on June 15, 2022 – Set up IE mode today (non-LTSC, non-Server)

As previously announced, the future of Internet Explorer on Windows is in Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer mode (IE mode) provides legacy browser support within Microsoft Edge. Because of this, the IE11 desktop application will be retired on June 15, 2022, on certain versions of Windows 10. This means that the IE11 desktop application will no longer be supported and will be progressively redirected to Microsoft Edge over the following months, and ultimately disabled via Windows Update, to help ensure a smooth retirement.

You can control IE retirement in your environment with 1 month left—the best way to prepare for IE redirection and disablement after June 15th is to proactively retire IE in your organization before June 15th. Prepare your organization with these steps.


Message center posts will include monthly active users specific to the Power BI, Automate, and PowerApps service updates

Message center posts will include monthly active users (based off the past 30 days) related to change announcements for Power BI, Microsoft Power Automate in Microsoft 365 and Power Apps in Microsoft 365. This experience was enabled for other Microsoft 365 services in January (MC315739). We are now expanding to additional services.

This will help change coordinators and IT admins make a decision on which change they should address first vs deprioritize, based on the potential number of end users who could be impacted by a change. For example, If the change is about a service which has -0- active users for your organization, you should be able to deprioritize the change.


Net promoter score (NPS) survey insights – new visualizations available

You can now access insights such as Net promoter score (NPS) volume which includes comments per month and Net promoter score (NPS) volume by channel derived from Microsoft Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys as answered by your users.

In the admin center, go to Health > Product feedback > NPS survey insights.


Suspicious Connector Activity Alert

As a security platform, we strive to continuously improve and protect our customers. In May, we plan to start rolling out a new alert for suspicious activities in an inbound connector. For information on connectors, please visit Configure mail flow using connectors in Exchange Online | Microsoft Docs.


Communication Compliance: New classifier to detect sexual harassment (preview)

Coming soon to public preview, we’re rolling out a sexual harassment classifier for Communication Compliance to assist you in detecting this type of workplace policy violation.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93252


Communication Compliance: Reduce detection to investigation time from 24 hours to 1 hour (preview)

Coming soon to public preview, we’re reducing detection to investigation time to enable your organization to respond promptly to Communication Compliance policy violations.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 88915.


Microsoft Purview Records Management – Apply a new retention label at end of retention period (preview)

We are introducing a new option for the action that can be taken on an item at the end of its retention period. This feature will enable you to manage the lifecycle of an item by specifying different retention settings for each phase of an item’s lifecycle.

This feature introduces a new action in the retention label creation wizard named “Change the label”. Choosing this option for a label will automatically apply a new label, and label settings when the item reaches the end of its retention period.


Configuration Change: Tenants using Management API notifications service must update endpoints to support TLS 1.2

Azure Information Protection has now retired the use of Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 and 1.1 and begun enforcing TLS 1.2 for all components and as part of a long-term shift to refuse legacy protocol and cipher suite connections, the Office 365 Management Activity API notifications service now utilizes only the transport layer security (TLS) 1.2 protocol. The move to TLS 1.2 is to ensure that our service is secure by default and in alignment with the rest of Microsoft 365 services as previously communicated (MC126199 in Dec 2017, MC128929 in Feb 2018, MC186827 in July 2019, MC218794 in July 2020, MC240160 in February 2021, MC292797 in October 2021, and MC335273 in February 2022).

Note: If your organization has already taken steps to migrate from TLS 1.0 and 1.1, you can safely disregard this message.


Group ownership governance policy is now Generally Available

We apologize for not honoring our customer commitment by letting you know in advance of this release. We are however pleased to introduce the new ownership governance policy for Microsoft 365 groups. The policy will help you automate the management of ownerless Microsoft 365 groups in your tenant.

When this will happen:


NPS Sentiment Insights available to empower IT Admins to help end users

NPS survey insights is an AI-driven dashboard available in Microsoft 365 Admin Center (Health -> Product feedback -> NPS survey insights tab). This feature has been helping Admins like you to obtain actionable insights derived from Microsoft NPS surveys as responded by your users.

Based on your feedback, we are introducing a new feature that identifies the sentiment for each NPS verbatim feedback, so that you can learn what your users are feeling regarding Microsoft 365 products.


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