Attachments for messages with Data Privacy Tag

Admins may receive a link to download attachments in a message tagged as Data Privacy on Message Center (Some messages with the Data Privacy tag may not include a link to attachments). The link will download a single attachment file, or multiple files within a single zip file should multiple attachments be included in the message. The attachments will include additional information about the message and admins are encouraged to refer to attachments to gain additional insight into the described scenario. The attachments will not include any sensitive data but may be used to communicate additional information about an event impacting sensitive data. For example, attachments may include a script that admins can leverage to determine which users were affected by a given event, or files containing translatable data. Access to the download link will be governed by admin roles for Message Center and will be accessible to admins with Global Admin and Privacy Reader role only.

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Download quarantined files now available

This message only applies to users who have Microsoft Defender Antivirus in active mode.

This new feature release (public preview), the ability to download quarantined files, expands the scope of sample submission to include files that are quarantined on your endpoints. We are excited to offer this capability as a simpler, faster, and safer way to download quarantined files.


Reminder: Microsoft 365 apps and services ending support on IE11 beginning August 17, 2021

As communicated in MC220490 (August ’20), Microsoft 365 apps and services have been focusing their efforts on modern browser support over the last year. Beginning August 17, 2021, Microsoft 365 apps and services will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) and users may have a degraded experience, or be unable to connect to, those apps and services. These apps and services will phase out over weeks and months to ensure a smooth end of support with each app and service phasing out on independent schedules.

Microsoft 365 applications and services


Evolving the Microsoft Store for Business and Education

This message is for customers who are using Microsoft Store for Business or Education.

We are announcing exciting plans that bring together the manageability of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, the openness of the new Microsoft Store, and the flexibility of Windows Package Manager. These plans will enhance the new Microsoft Store experience that is coming soon to both Windows 11 and Windows 10.


Announcing self-service purchase capabilities for Windows 365

Windows 365 was announced on July 14, 2021.  Today we are also announcing that self-service purchasing capabilities are coming soon for Windows 365.  Individuals worldwide (excluding India) will be able to acquire a subscription for the following products as early as August 15, 2021: 

  • Windows 365 Enterprise
  • Windows 365 Business


Microsoft Information Protection: Exact Data Match to support auto-labeling (client-side)

Organizations will soon be able to configure new or existing client-side auto-labeling policies using Exact Data Match (EDM) sensitive information types, enabling more granular control over labeling sensitive content.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 82071


Power BI sensitivity label data in Activity Explorer (preview)

Power BI will now send sensitivity label activity data to Activity Explorer for admins to search and review.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 82086


Announcing Communication Compliance discrimination classifier (preview)

We’re rolling out a new trainable classifier for the Communication Compliance solution in the Microsoft 365 compliance center

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 81971.


Announcing Communication Compliance cross tenant classifier feedback (preview)

Coming soon to public preview, cross tenant feedback in Communication Compliance enables you to provide feedback to Microsoft on misclassified messages (such as false positives) to help us improve the accuracy of the built-in trainable classifiers.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 81972.


New Microsoft Defender for Endpoint recommendations in Microsoft Secure Score

We are adding twenty four recommendations for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is an enterprise endpoint security platform designed to help enterprise networks prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats.

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