Ignoring Disable Anti Spyware Disable Antivirus on client devices (E3 and E5)

By design, Microsoft Defender Antivirus is automatically disabled when a 3rd party antivirus is present on the client. We are making an update to improve security by ignoring a legacy setting, DisableAntiSpyware (which disables Microsoft Defender Antivirus). This change will impact clients running Windows 10, version 1903 or higher with Microsoft Defender AV platform version 4.18.2108.4 and higher with E3 and E5 licenses.

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Microsoft 365 Lighthouse service plan 1 and 2 added to Windows 365 Enterprise SKUs

New service plans called M365_Lighthouse_Plan1 and M365_Lighthouse_Plan2 were recently added to the Windows 365 Enterprise at the tenant level.  These new service plans are part of the Microsoft 365 Lighthouse for Microsoft CSP managed service provider partners supporting Microsoft 365 customers with fewer than 500 licenses.

Note: You are receiving this message because our reporting indicates one or more users in your organization are on the Windows 365 Enterprise subscription and and your tenant may have received these new service plans already. We acknowledge that this does not align with our change communications commitments and want to apologize for this oversight. Please note that if your account is not supported by a Microsoft CSP managed service provider partner, the new Microsoft 365 Lighthouse service plans will not impact your account and you may safely disregard this message.


Microsoft 365 Compliance Center Core eDiscovery – Search by ID retirement

We will be retiring the option to search by ID, as it is not functioning to an adequate level and creates significant challenges for organizations who depend on consistent and repeatable results for eDiscovery workflows.

When will this happen:


Feature update: A maximum of 500 results will now be detected per SIT for online classification

We are implementing a maximum number (500) of unique instances detected for each Sensitive Information Type (SIT) per document scanned.

When this will happen:


Communication Compliance discrimination classifier and cross-tenant classifier feedback

Currently available in public preview, the Discrimination trainable classifier and Cross-tenant classifier feedback feature will soon be generally available within the Communication Compliance solution in the Microsoft 365 compliance center

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 85654, 85655.


M365 Records Management

To improve consistency of user experience between OneDrive and SharePoint, the behavior of any retention label set to “retain items for a specific period” in SharePoint will change to allow users to “delete” the document which will then be preserved in the Preservation Hold Library until the specified period expires.

In response to your great feedback and provide more flexibility for different organizations, we have added the ability to configure this behavior for your tenant.


We’re making changes to LinkedIn integration with the Microsoft 365 people card

Users will no longer be required to bind their LinkedIn account to their Microsoft 365 account to view LinkedIn information on the profile card in Outlook for the Web. The contact email address is automatically submitted to LinkedIn for lookup (but not stored), and where a match is found, basic public information will be included in the Microsoft 365 profile card. Users will still have to bind if they want to see relationship info or info only visible to themselves and not public e.g. experience/education in common and skills/endorsements.

In addition to these improvements, LinkedIn integration includes Intro text from the LinkedIn member’s profile as well as recent LinkedIn posts and shared articles where available.


Macro Settings Update to Disable Excel 4.0 Macros by Default

We are introducing a change to the Excel Trust Center Macro settings to provide a more secure experience for users by default. This new default behavior will disable Excel 4.0 macros.

Note: Users who have already configured this setting or have a group policy configuration in place will not be affected by this change.


Announcing Microsoft Feedback Portal

The new Feedback portal for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Edge will become available in Preview by the end of the year. The Feedback portal will allow customers to provide feedback to Microsoft and participate in the feedback community. Other products, like Windows, will be added next year. 

Going to the Feedback portal, users will be able to post new feedback as well as upvote or comment on feedback others have given and see previous feedback they submitted to Microsoft in their My Feedback section, where they can view responses from Microsoft and receive status updates on their feedback. Feedback is powered by Dynamics 365 Customer Service.


Microsoft 365 Compliance Center: Core and Advanced eDiscovery: Enhanced Keyword Query Language (KQL) editor experience

The new KQL editor experiences provides a quick way to get started building complex queries across Core eDiscovery holds and search, and Advanced eDiscovery holds and collections. 

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 85582


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