Introducing OneDrive Home, the New Landing Experience

We have refreshed the OneDrive Commercial Web landing experience to help you get to the files you’re working on quickly and easily. The new OneDrive Home experience surfaces your most recently used files, along with relevant file activity, so you can see everything at a glance and quickly prioritize where to start working. 

When will this happen?


OneDrive: Updated Files On-Demand Settings on Windows

We are updating the OneDrive sync app settings for Files On-Demand for users who have the feature enabled.


General Availability: OneDrive sync reports in the Apps Admin Center

Use the OneDrive sync health dashboard in the Microsoft 365 Apps Admin Center to get an executive summary of everything happening with OneDrive so that you can resolve common issues quickly and focus on other strategic tasks as an administrator.

Proactively keeping OneDrive healthy helps ensure that your organization’s information is protected. The dashboard provides you with sync health reports for tracking relevant health issues and advisories, checking the sync status and app version of individual devices, and monitoring Known Folder Move roll out.


OneDrive: Sharing Experience – Sensitivity Labels inside the Sharing Dialog

We apologize that we did not communicate ahead of time for this feature release.

Sensitivity labels are used to classify and protect your organization’s data. These labels are completely customizable, and admins can apply a label to a specific file based on the organization needs. We’ve now added sensitivity labels inside the Sharing dialog, to provide you the ability to see what labels have been applied to your files prior to sharing them. 


OneDrive Android: Extract PDF Pages

Users of OneDrive for Android can now split PDFs and have PDFs saved back to OneDrive.

When this will happen:


OneDrive sync client will be blocked on virtualized machines configured with unsupported versions of FSLogix

Note: If your organization does not utilize OneDrive on virtual machines, you can safely disregard this message.

OneDrive Sync client connections from a virtual machine using FSLogix releases older than FSLogix 2009 Hot Fix 1 are not supported and will get blocked starting Jan 2023. The hard block will show an error message, and the attempt to run the OneDrive Sync client on the machine will get blocked. 


OneDrive: Sharing experiences – simplifying link settings

We’re improving Link settings by providing more helpful tooltips, definitions and clearer language to help you understand which link type and permissions best suit your needs prior to sharing a file or folder with your coworkers.


Updating OneDrive for Business end users ability to create service requests directly

The ability of OneDrive users to contact Microsoft directly in the form of support requests will be retired before the end of the calendar year 2022.

Only an administrator will be able to open a support request with Microsoft.


OneDrive: Sharing Experiences – Sensitivity Labels in the sharing dialog

We’re adding sensitivity labels to the sharing dialog to help better secure your company data and compliance.


OneDrive: Sharing Experiences – simplifying external sharing

We want to simplify the sharing journey when a customer would like to collaborate with someone outside of their organization.


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