Whiteboard: Connected experience controls

Microsoft Whiteboard on Windows, Teams, web, mobile, and Surface Hub applications will support optional connected experiences, with Windows and Surface Hub applications supporting them after upgrade to the new client. The only optional connected experience that will be available initially is the ability for users to provide feedback using Microsoft Feedback portal, with additional features being added in the future. Tenants can opt-out of these experiences within their Office policies, and Individual users will be able to opt-out of these features within the Whiteboard application.
More info: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2189610


Whiteboard: Web Templates

Participants in Teams and on Whiteboard for the Web can add a variety of built-in templates for meetings, workshops, decision making, planning, design thinking and more.


Whiteboard: User Experience

Participants in Teams and on Whiteboard for the web will see a new, refreshed user experience.


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