Microsoft Defender for Identity: Administrative functions in Microsoft 365 security center

As part of the ongoing work to improve the experience of Security Operations professionals and consolidate the functionality of multiple portals into a single space that SecOps can interact with their threat and incident data, Defender for Identity’s administrative functions will be available to view and edit within the Microsoft 365 security center. In this time frame, you can expect to see the following functions and features be made available in the Microsoft 365 security center: Defender for Identity onboarding, VPN configuration, email notifications, sensor deployment and sensor health, entity tagging and SIEM configuration.

Status In Development
Product Microsoft Defender for Identity
Release phase General Availability
Release date October CY2021
Platform Web
Cloud Instance Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)
Created 2020-11-24
Updated 2021-10-02
Roadmap ID 68886
Roadmap Link

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