Adjusting Version Retention for Outlook Data Files (PST File Type)

Starting August 16 2021, we’ll be introducing new retention policies for Outlook Data Files (PST File type) Versions to prevent them from consuming storage capacity for OneDrive & SharePoint Online.

The new policy will limit the number of PST versions retained, resulting in greater storage capacity from PST version storage.

  • With this new retention policy, PST file versions will be retained for up to 30 days.

Key points:

  • Timing: August 13, 2021
  • Action: To opt out, prepare and execute a SharePoint Online Management Shell cmdlet (Set-SPOTenant cmdlet)
  • Review, assess and to opt out, take action by August 13th, 2021

How this will affect your organization:

As part of the change, up to 30 PST versions in 30 days will be retained. Document libraries will be updated with new PST limits. Once this change is rolled out to your tenant, PST versions older than 30 days will be permanently deleted.

If you wish to opt out of the PST version retention update, you will need to execute a SharePoint Online Management Shell cmdlet (Set-SPOTenant cmdlet). This cmdlet will need to be executed by August 13th 2021. Without the cmdlet, your tenant will be updated to the new versioning settings on August 16th 2021.

If the tenant opts out:

  • Existing libraries will not get the new PST setting and version retention for existing libraries will work the way it does today.
  • Any new libraries or sites created after the policy is turned on, will get the new behavior.

What you need to do to prepare:

If you wish to opt out of the PST versioning setting update, you can start today by using SharePoint Online Management Shell cmdlet.

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