Upcoming changes as we prepare for transition from Stream (classic) to Stream (on SharePoint)

  • For new customers with requisite Stream license, if a user accessed Stream (classic) for the first time via URL or tile in Microsoft 365 app launcher, it provisioned classic Stream for them.
  • Coming soon, this is going to stop. Stream (classic) will no longer be provisioned by default for such customers. 

2. Stream tile in Microsoft365 app launcher to go to the new Stream app on Office.com 

  • Stream (Classic) is transitioning to Stream (on SharePoint). Until Stream (Classic) fully retires, you can decide which Stream experience is most appropriate for your users when they click on the Stream tile from the Microsoft 365 application launcher via a new setting that was added to the SharePoint admin center in July 2022. MC381948 
  • This setting is the “Stream App launcher tile” and currently has a default option of “Automatically switch to Stream (on SharePoint) when recommended” which will send users to Stream (Classic) when they click the Stream tile. 
  • Coming soon, we will automatically change the “Stream app launcher tile” setting’s default option to send users to Stream (on SharePoint) instead. 

In addition, if your organization has never used Stream (Classic) in the past, we will no longer let you use that experience and instead you will use Stream (on SharePoint).

When this will happen:

  • Standard: Rollout will begin mid-October and complete by mid-November.
  • GCC: Rollout will begin mid-October and complete by mid-November.

How this will affect your organization:

What you need to do to prepare:


SharePoint: Configure Navigation Links to Open in a New Tab

With this update, users will be able to manage the experience for each navigation item to open in a new tab.

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Microsoft Stream: Stream tile in M365 app launcher enabled for GCC-H and DOD

Stream tile in M365 app launcher will be enabled for GCC-H and DOD and users will be able to use the Stream tile to go to the Stream Start Page on office.com. The Stream tile will be visible for GCC-H and DOD tenants having the SharePoint service plan enabled.


Improvements to SharePoint pages authoring – New and updated web parts

These updates include our new Assignments web part for Education customers and changes to other web parts like Group calendar, Quick links, and Highlighted content. We’re also introducing a new SharePoint site theme.

Note: Most of these changes are being released as part of Teams Class Home page release. 


SharePoint: Content Type Deletion – Improved Error Messages

If you attempt to delete multiple content types from content type gallery which have dependencies on other lists/content types, you will get improved error messages that lists out the dependent resources.


SharePoint Online Inside Look Retirement

We will be retiring the Inside Look on top of the file preview card from SharePoint online. Inside look provides a peek into documents with an estimated time to read the document and the author’s key points. This feature was available exclusively on Word documents written in English. Additionally, we will retire the auto summary info when sharing a document over email.

When will this happen:


SharePoint & OneDrive External Sharing One-Time Passcode mails will now come from no-reply@notify.microsoft.com

In order to improve delivery reliability of the one-time passcode e-mails that are sent as part of the external sharing flow in OneDrive and SharePoint, we will be updating the sending address for these mails from no-reply@sharepointonline.com to no-reply@notify.mcirosoft.com. No other e-mails sent from OneDrive or SharePoint are being changed at this time.

When this will happen:


SharePoint: Inline playback of videos in Hero web part

When users click to play a video in the Hero web part section of a SharePoint site, the video will play inline. This feature allows users to watch a video without being taken off the SharePoint page and allows users to browse or scroll through the other contents of the page while the video plays.


SharePoint: Video collections page

SharePoint video collections pages make it easy to gather and display all of the videos from a SharePoint site collection in one place.  This feature is particularly helpful schools, universities and other organizations that tend to share videos in Teams channels. With this feature you will be able to create a tab in your Teams channel that links directly to a specific collection of videos.


Improvements to SharePoint pages authoring – Column reflow and RSS connector web part

These updates include changes to our reflow automation for two-column sections and the RSS Connector web part by giving more control to users around the number of publications shown at one time and the number of articles shown per publication.

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