Image Tags in SharePoint

Currently, when images are uploaded to SharePoint, a column named Tags is automatically created and includes descriptive labels to help with search. With the new update, we will migrate tags from the previous text-based and read only Tags column and implement a new editable Image Tags column.  End-users will be able to manually add or remove tags from this column. The tags will also appear in the details pane. 

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 68902


SharePoint News Boost

This new feature will allow you to prioritize important news and announcements at the top of news feeds across Microsoft 365.  Additionally, you can even prioritize visibility of a news article for a set time that you can control.

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Content type sync enhancements and site gallery

Following the release of the modern experience to manage SharePoint enterprise content types, this release will update the experience to manage site content types as well. This update includes a new sync mechanism for content types that moves from a “push everywhere” model to a “pull as needed” model, making it faster and more reliable.

  • Once Standard Release rollout is complete, the gradual phasing out (retirement) of the old sync mechanism for content types will take place through September.


We’re updating the Hybrid federated search

We’re making some changes to the Hybrid federated search. As part of search modernization in Microsoft 365 we’re updating the infrastructure used by SharePoint Server’s Hybrid federated search. As part of the process, customers who are using the Hybrid federated search with hybrid SharePoint deployments will need to update their configuration to continue using hybrid search with SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online.

If you are not actively using or have implemented the Hybrid federated search with on-premises SharePoint, you can safely ignore this communication.


(Reminder) Adjusting Version Retention for Outlook Data Files (PST File Type) on One Drive and SharePoint Online

As communicated in MC256835 (May, 2021), starting August 16th 2021 the service will start retaining 30 days worth of versions for any PST files stored OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online team site document libraries. This change will prevent cases of previous versions of PST files from quickly consuming available storage.

  • The change will only impact previous versions of PST files stored in your document library storage.


Introducing the modernized SharePoint Store in SharePoint Online

The SharePoint Store has been updated to a new modern experience that includes a streamlined acquisition flow for third-party apps.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 82031


SharePoint Syntex site template for model evaluation

You will be able to create a limited preview Syntex content center to evaluate the model training capabilities of this product add-on with your own content. The content center is a site template used for the creation, training, and management of Syntex document understanding models. These models can be trained to classify content and extract information from them.

Please note: the models need to be applied to a document library to run against uploaded files. This preview only allows for the training and evaluation of the model. To apply it for use in your tenant you will need to purchase Syntex licenses.


SharePoint Collapsible Sections

This new feature will allow users to create rich, information-dense SharePoint pages. As part of this release, we will enable the page author to configure sections within the SharePoint page to be able to expand, collapse and set the default page-load state for the section.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 67147.


Sharepoint Email notification settings

We are releasing a new feature to allow users to set their email notification preferences.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 81993


Search box changes for guest users in OneDrive, SharePoint, and Lists

This feature update will align the search box experience for guest users with regular users by placing it at the top of the page in the suite header.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 81983.


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