Announcing the general availability of new Teams on web for Edge and Chrome

Today, we’re announcing the general availability of new Teams on web for Edge and Chrome.

How this will benefit your organization:

  • Our goal for the new Teams web app is bring a near-identical experience to our new Teams desktop app. Both the new Teams web client and desktop clients share the same underlying infrastructure built to improve load times, improve channel and chat switches, and reduce memory usage.
  • Visit this page to learn more about what’s currently available, known issues, and the overall schedule for new Teams.
  • Note: Not all customer segments (Education) will receive this update at this time.

When will this happen:

New Teams on web begins rolling out today.

How this will affect your organization:

  • Beginning today, web users on Edge and Chrome will see the same Try the new Teams toggle as desktop users, except the web experience requires no additional download or installation.
  • For approximately eight weeks following this rollout, web users on Edge and Chrome will be defaulted to classic Teams on Web where they will see the Try the new Teams toggle even if Administrators have set ‘New Teams as default’ as their Teams update policy.
    After this period completes in January, Teams web on Edge and Chrome will align with the overall schedule, detailed on this page, and will respect ‘New Teams as default’ for administrators who have selected that policy. 
  • Note: Administrators who have the Teams update policy set to ‘Not enabled’ will not receive the Try the new Teams toggle along with their users.
    For a better experience, we suggest choosing ‘New Teams as default’ or ‘Microsoft controlled’.
  • We will soon begin making new Teams on web the default experience for all Teams on web users based on our schedule which is detailed on this page. Read the message center post MC617066 to learn about the rollout schedule and new rollout controls. Read the message center post MC661241 and blog to learn how you can deploy new Teams in your organization.

What you can do to prepare:

Visit the support article or download resources to learn how to get started with the new Teams experience.

Message ID: MC690598

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