Azure Active Directory: Authenticator Lite now in Public Preview in Outlook for Android and iOS

If you do not wish for this feature to be enabled on May 19th, move the state to ‘disabled’ or set user include and exclude groups prior to May 19th. Authenticator Lite (in Outlook) is a feature that allows your users to complete multi-factor authentication for their work or school account using the Outlook app on their iOS or Android device. We always recommend having users download Authenticator to complete their sign-ins, where we can offer the most up-to-date security features. However, users that have not downloaded the app to their device can now approve authentication requests and receive TOTP codes in Outlook, bringing the security of Authenticator to a convenient location.

Product Outlook
Release phase Preview
Release date April CY2023
Preview date: March CY2023
Platform Android
Cloud Instance Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant)
Created 2023-03-16
Roadmap ID 117564
Roadmap Link

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