Microsoft Lists: Calendar Week Layout

While creating a calendar view, users can now choose between month layout or the new week layout to visualize their list information in a way that works best for them. There is a provision to create multiple calendar views – using both month and week layouts. Week Layout also supports all features from the month layout including the drag and drop operations to reschedule items and conditional formatting to color code items on the canvas.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 100504


SharePoint: Microsoft Lists: Approvals integration

Microsoft Lists templates will begin to leverage integration with the Approvals app in Microsoft Teams. When you specify the approver within your list item, the request will appear in the Approvals app in Teams or can be approved directly within the list. Once approved, the list item status is updated.


SharePoint: Microsoft Lists: Rules packaged into custom List templates

Expand your custom organizational templates by packaging rules into them – alongside the ability to pre-program the list schema (columns), formatting, and more.


SharePoint: Microsoft Lists: Rules packaged into out-of-the-box List templates

Several of the out-of-box list templates will now come with rules pre-packaged into them, to help you keep you and your team members notified of distinct changes in your list items.


SharePoint: Microsoft Lists: New Lookup column type support

Create Lookup columns in modern list user interface – no settings page required. This means you can program a list item (column) to ‘lookup’ another set of data of pre-populated, managed choices. We are pleased to expand the columns types that are now supported when ‘looking up’ from the other list: Boolean (Yes/No), choice, and multi choice – plus formatting.


SharePoint: Microsoft Lists: Calendar view – week layout

When you create a new view for your list, you can now choose between month view or the new week view to visualize your list information in a way that works best for you. And you can create multiple calendar views – using both month and week – you choose. Once in the calendar view, it’s easy to drag-n-drop items to reschedule them (adjusting their date on the list itself).


Conditional Access Improvements for the Microsoft Lists App for Android

We recently announced the launch of the Microsoft Lists app for Android. The app was launched with App Protection Policy (APP, also known as MAM) and its support for the Require app protection policy grant control. We are happy to share that Microsoft Lists will now also supports the Conditional Access (CA) grant control, Require approved client app, like other Microsoft 365 apps, such as SharePoint.

Note: The app is currently available to members of organizations that have an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 commercial subscription that includes SharePoint. You will need to sign in with your OrgID (Azure Active Directory credentials). 


Microsoft Lists: Add or update images in Microsoft Lists via Power Apps

Power Apps image controls are now fully connected with image columns in Microsoft Lists. You can add, update, or delete images from a list via a Power App.


Microsoft Lists Formatting: Update to filepreview elmType in custom formatters

Custom Formatters allow users to write declarative JSON to emit HTML. The “filepreview” elmType was introduced to show thumbnails in SharePoint document libraries with a fallback “fileType icon” for the cases when thumbnails aren’t available.

We came across a usage of this feature that allowed embedding external URLs on a SharePoint list. While we understand the powerful scenarios this could open up, we would want to make sure we permit it post due diligence and after addressing any security concerns.


Microsoft Lists calendar view conditional formatting

The new feature, Microsoft Lists: Conditional formatting on calendar view, helps customize the calendar to meet specific requirements. Items in a list calendar view can be color coded based on conditions or rules specified on the fields available in the view. These rules can be managed using the ‘Format current view’ section of the Calendar view.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93360


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