Apps in External Scenarios

Apps will now be available for use in external meetings and chats. Users from the host organization (the user who creates a meeting or group chat) can install, update and delete apps. External users (belonging to other organizations) invited to the meeting or chat will be able to interact with only the apps host users install.


Microsoft Teams: Profile menu update, relocating profile menu links to a new menu in the title bar

The Me Menu updates were originally announced in MC228368 (Dec ’20). To ensure the feature was ready, the rollout was delayed and we are now ready to proceed.

Access to Settings, Zoom Controls, Keyboard Shortcuts, About, and Check for Updates is moving from the Me Menu to a new menu in the title bar. The Me Menu will be focused on account management, where users can switch to another account or tenant through the first level of the Me Menu. The following links will be moved out of the Me Menu into a new menu in the title bar:


Access files offline in mobile

The Teams mobile app now allows you to access files even when you are offline or in bad network conditions. Simply select the files you need access to, and Teams will keep a downloaded version to use in your mobile app. This is rolling out on the Teams Android App.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 68750.


Admins can install Apps in Meetings

We are enabling IT admins to select Teams apps that can be installed in meetings for their organization. It will leverage the App setup policies, Installed apps section in which admins can specify the apps to install on behalf of their users.

This is rolling out to Microsoft Teams desktop, web and mobile.


PowerPoint Live: Present to Teams from PowerPoint for Windows

This new feature release will bring the PowerPoint Live in Teams entry point into PowerPoint for Windows. Clicking the Present in Teams button in PowerPoint will be the only step you need to take to present the deck in your Teams meeting.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 80599.


Update to Meeting creation and expiration policies

We have made changes to how Teams meetings and join links are accessible for meeting organizers who have had their scheduling capabilities revoked. Today, Teams meeting URLs can be accessed before, during, and after the scheduled meeting time, even if the scheduling permission for the meeting organizer has been revoked after the meeting was created. To implement this change, we have adjusted the behavior of some settings in csTeamsMeetingPolicy to give additional control to the Tenant Admins.

We apologize for not communicating this change sooner. We are working to ensure we communicate changes prior to them being available, in the future.


SharePoint and Teams: Folder in site visibly connected to channel

This new Microsoft Teams release will make it easy to tell which folders within your SharePoint library have a Teams channel associated with them. Additionally, you’ll be able to see this right from within the SharePoint user interface. This new feature will roll out to Teams desktop and web.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 30686.


Reduce background noise in Microsoft Teams Meetings (now available for MAC users)

The AI-based, real-time noise suppression that was added to Windows desktop client for Microsoft Teams in Nov 2020 will soon also be available on MAC. This feature will automatically remove background noise from your meetings.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 82826.


Additional region support for Cortana voice assistance in Teams for iOS and Android

Cortana voice assistance is extending support in Microsoft Teams mobile apps for iOS and Android for users with their phone region set to Australia, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom. This is available in English only and is in addition to the English support in the US launched in 2020. Expansion to additional languages and regions will happen as part of future releases.

We apologize that this was not communicated ahead of time and are working to ensure we make you aware of these changes prior to starting to roll them out in the future.


Set out of office within Microsoft Teams

With this update, end users can create an out of office message from within Microsoft Teams desktop or Microsoft Teams on the web. This out of office message will sync with the user’s Outlook calendar, presence, and contact card information.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 68701.


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