Limiting the maximum supported value for StartRow to 50,000

We’re making some changes to SharePoint Online Search. To continue to provide a high performance search experience, we’re limiting the maximum supported value StartRow to 50,000.

Key Points

  • Timing: Starting late February 2021 through late May 2021 
  • Action: review and assess for your organization

How this will affect your organization:

As part of this configuration change, users who run queries using the StartRow parameter (at rest API) with values exceeding 50,000 will be throttled. All queries using StartRow (< 50,000) – will not be impacted.

What you need to do to prepare:

To not be throttled, review StartRow parameters and limit to (< 50,0000).  For search results (> 50,000), please follow Pagination for large result sets instead of the StartRow approach. 

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