Microsoft Viva Engage premium: Introducing Viva Feature Access Management

For organizations with a premium Microsoft Viva Engage license, starting in late March 2024, we are rolling out Viva Feature Access Management (VFAM) for admins to proactively control the rollout and availability of Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 and AI Summarization in Viva Engage when they become publicly available late April 2024.

Learn more about this feature: Microsoft Viva – Feature access management | Microsoft Learn (will be updated prior to rollout)

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When this will happen:

Worldwide: We will begin rolling out late March 2024 and expect to complete by late April 2024.

How this will affect your organization:

Copilot and AI Summarization will be available in Viva Engage starting late-April 2024 and will be enabled by default for all users with a premium Viva Engage license (purchased as part of Microsoft Viva Suite or Microsoft Viva Employee Communications and Communities SKUs). By releasing Viva Feature Access Management first, we are providing admins with tools to control the rollout of Copilot and AI Summarization before they become publicly available mid-April 2024.

How can admins use Viva Feature Access Management?

Microsoft 365 global admins and Viva Engage admins can use PowerShell cmdlets in Viva Feature Access Management to create these granular and access policies for Copilot and Summarization:

  • Tenant policy: Automatically includes all users in the tenant.
  • Group/user-level policy: Admins can choose individual users/groups that should be part of the access policy.
  • Admins can use both tenant and group policies for restricting or enabling access to both Copilot and Summarization.

Admins can separately turn the Copilot and Summarization ON and OFF with these granular access policies. For Summarization only, admins can choose to create granular access policies that support a third state: ON with user opt out. For example: if an admin chooses to disable Copilot only for users in Germany, they can use VFAM to:

  1. Create a group access policy in VFAM (with PowerShell cmdlets).
  2. Assign the Microsoft 365 group that contains all Germany users to the group policy.
  3. Set the group policy to OFF (disabled).

As a result, all remaining users in the organizations (except Germany) can now use Copilot in Viva Engage.

Important: Keep in mind while using VFAM

  • Each tenant can have a maximum of one tenant policy for each Viva Engage feature. In other words, there can only be one tenant policy for Copilot and only one tenant policy for Summarization.
  • If no user- or group-level policy exists, creating a disabled (OFF) tenant policy for Summarization will delete all historic Summarization data in the tenant.
  • To avoid deleting Summarization data for all users in the tenant, admins should ensure that the feature disable (OFF) tenant policy is immediately followed by at least one feature enable (ON) group policy.
  • The most restrictive policy assigned to a user or group will take precedence over other policies for a feature. For example: For Copilot, if an admin chooses to create an OFF tenant policy and an ON group policy for users in India, the India group policy takes precedence over the tenant policy, and only users in India group will have Copilot access.

What you need to do to prepare:

As a global admin or Viva Engage admin:

  • If you wish to leave Copilot and Summarization enabled for all users in your organization, no action is needed from your end.
  • If you choose to limit the availability of both Copilot and Summarization (available in April) to certain users/groups within the organization, admins can create group/ user policies to turn off by tenant, group, or user.
  • If you choose to disable Copilot and/or Summarization for your entire tenant, you can create a separate tenant policy to turn off each feature.

Learn more about this feature: Microsoft Viva – Feature access management | Microsoft Learn (will be updated prior to rollout).

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