New adoption health metrics dashboard available for Viva Topics

Track the status of your adoption of Viva Topics with our new adoption health metrics dashboard!

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When this will happen:

This feature is currently in Preview. We will begin rolling out to all Viva Topics tenants in late October and expect to complete by mid-November. 

How this will affect your organization:

5 metrics will be available for knowledge managers to view in the Topic Center, under an ‘Analytics’ tab. These 5 metrics provide insight into how the AI is performing in your tenant with discovering topics, how topics are being surfaced in your end points, and how users are interacting with topics.

But not just that– there are also actions for tenants to take that will improve your adoption. These recommended actions take the guess work out– you will know exactly how to achieve a healthy knowledge base that is empowering learning across your user base. These are best practices that have been implemented by our most successful Viva Topics adopters that have now fully deployed and are recognizing immense value from Topics. 

Please note– there is a lack of data prior to August, so the monthly views will not be able to show anything prior to then. There were also intermittent data issues in August, which is why you may see a lack of data in that month. Those issues have since been resolved. 

What you need to do to prepare:

There is nothing for your tenant to do to prepare. No admin controls are paired with this feature. Simply navigate to the ‘Analytics’ tab of the Topic Center and start driving your adoption like never before. End users will not have access to this dashboard. If admins want access, ensure they have been given knowledge manager permissions in the Viva Topics setup. 

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