New personal wellbeing insights coming to Insights app in Teams

New personal insights to help you balance productivity and wellbeing are coming to the Insights app in Teams. Users will be able to tap into breathing breaks, send praise to collaborators, pause and reflect anytime during the workday, as well as mindfully close out the workday with a virtual commute.

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When this will happen

  • Timeline: Available starting early April 2021 and completing rollout by end of June 2021
  • Requirement: Users with provisioned Exchange mailbox can access features within Insights teams app
  • Roll-out:
    • As previously shared in the earlier post (MC237630), beginning March 8th 2021, unless disabled by admin, Insights Teams app will be pre-installed for users and available directly in the Teams left navigation app bar under “”. These new personal insights will be available to any user with the app installed.
  • Admin controls: via the Teams admin center

How this will affect your organization

The Insights app in Teams will introduce a new Home page that provides time-relevant suggestions and access to new wellbeing focused experiences, such as:

  • Virtual commute: users can schedule a virtual commute to help them wrap up their tasks from today, prepare for tomorrow’s activities, and mindfully disconnect from work.
  • Praise: users can schedule reminders to send praise to their top collaborators and build a habit of sharing gratitude.
  • Reflect: users can schedule reminders to check in with themselves emotionally and save and reference their personal reflection history.

New personal insights come to Insights app
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More updates are coming later this year, including guided meditations from Headspace that will be integrated into the virtual commute as well as the Home tab to help you mindfully disconnect from work in the evening, relax your mind before a big meeting, or find focus before starting an important project.

Note: These features in the Insights app are completely personal and private; no administrator or manager can see another individual’s data. All data is stored inside the user’s mailbox and the app is subject to the same GDPR compliance terms as Office 365. Learn more about Insights app in Teams and how Microsoft protects your privacy.

What you need to do to prepare

Review and assess the impact for your organization. If you wish to:

New personal insights to help you balance productivity and wellbeing are coming to the Insights app in Teams. Users can mindfully end the workday with a virtual commute, and anytime during the workday, tap into dedicated moments of mindfulness and gratitude, and use emotional check-ins to pause and reflect.

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