New Stream (on SharePoint) web part release

This is an important message for customers who publish videos to SharePoint Pages and news posts. As noted in Message Center post MC561187, the Stream (Classic) webpart in SharePoint will be retired on August 15, 2023.

The Stream (on SharePoint) web part will support configuration of a single video and multiple videos for videos stored in OneDrive or SharePoint.

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When this will happen:

The Stream (on SharePoint) webpart will begin its general availability roll out in mid-August 2023, and we expect the rollout to complete by mid-September 2023. 

How this will affect your organization:

Your organization will not be able to use Stream (Classic) webpart after August 15, 2023.

All existing SharePoint pages and news posts that were built using Stream (Classic) webpart will continue to function as usual. Please follow this documentation for detailed information for videos post migration: 

Before availability of the new Stream (on SharePoint) web part, you can currently use video eligible webparts such as “File and Media”, “Hero”, “Highlighted content” and “List” webparts to publish videos/playlists from Stream (on SharePoint) to SharePoint Pages.

Post availability of this web part, we would recommend you use it for publishing single video and multiple videos from a folder and continue using “List” web part for publishing a playlist to SharePoint Pages.

What you need to do to prepare:

Please follow this documentation for detailed timelines and video publishing guidance on the new Stream.

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