New tenant configuration experiences within Viva Engage admin center

Starting the first week of July, the same tenant configuration experiences currently available in the Yammer admin center will also be available within the Viva Engage admin center for Microsoft Viva customers. Global admins, Engage admins (Yammer administrator AAD role) and Yammer network admins can access these features from both the Web and Teams version of the Viva Engage admin experience. 

When this will happen:

We will begin rolling this out in early July and complete rolling out in late July.

How this will affect your organization:

Accessing the tenant configuration experiences: 

  • Navigate to the Viva Engage admin center
  • Select “Tenant settings” under Setup & Configuration

The following tenant setting capabilities will become available (for licensed M365, Viva suite and/or Viva topics SKU customers): 

  • Edit tenant name: Admins can set a friendly name for their Viva Engage tenant 
  • Usage policy: Admins can add/ edit a custom usage policy for their tenant and choose to enable users to review the policy upon initial login/ after any changes are made
  • Tenant logo: Admins can add/ edit their tenant logo that will appear on both the home feed and Leadership corner (if applicable)
  • Language: Admins can choose the default system message language for their tenants 

Customers can expect to notice more and more admin configurations moving from the Yammer admin center to the Viva Engage admin center, our goal being to centralize all Viva Engage admin experiences.

What you need to do to prepare:

No additional action is needed from the admins. 

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