Power Platform – Environment groups and environment routing general availability

Starting on May 16, 2024, Power Platform Environment groups and improvements to Default Environment Routing will become generally available. These features help administrators govern at-scale more quickly and easily through features such as Managed Environments for Power Platform.

How does this affect me?

Power Platform’s environment groups allow administrators to organize numerous environments into structured groups with rules for bulk governance, such as security and compliance.

Default environment routing is a governance feature that directs makers to their personal developer environments, similar to OneDrive, for building with Microsoft Dataverse. This routing ensures that new environments are preconfigured with baseline controls required by the organization.

Together, these features streamline management and enhance security for any-scale of Power Platform implementation.

What do I need to do to prepare?

This message is for awareness and no action is required.

For more information, please review Environment groups and Default environment routing.

Message ID: MC792917

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