RBAC for External Admins in Microsoft Cloud App Security is changing

Microsoft Cloud App Security is aligning with other Microsoft Security products that use Azure AD B2B when working with external admins. Using Azure AD B2B allows your organization to improve its security in accordance with best practices and apply governance policies to external administrators.

Key points:

  • Timing: We will roll out this change at the end of April and expect to complete by the mid-May.
  • Action: review and assess the impact for your organization. If your organization is directly impacted by this change you will receive a notification via Message center.

If you do not receive a targeted message stating your tenant is affected, please take note of this process for any future implementations of external admins for your environment. 

How does this affect your organization

After the change, external admin will be configured through Azure AD B2B as opposed to MCAS.

Note: Existing external admin will need to be re-configured in Azure AD B2B. We will be notifying tenants who will be impacted and they will have 60 days from this change to make the appropriate updates.

What you need to do to prepare

Integration with Azure AD B2B allows organizations to invite external admins to Azure AD as guest users. Once invited and assigned an account, a guest can then be added to your Cloud App Security tenant.

To configure external admins, see the documentation posted here: Invite external admins.

Message ID: MC246403

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