Self-service trial experience available for Viva Goals

In March, individual users in your organization will be able to sign up for a self-service trial of Viva Goals from the website. This self-service experience allows individuals and teams to try Viva Goals with no requirement to input payment information, while providing complete visibility and control to their Microsoft 365 admin.

Previously, only admin-initiated trials of Viva Goals were available, which were limited to one trial per tenant. Customers told us they wanted a way for multiple departments across their organization to try Viva Goals at the same time. To meet this demand, we’re launching self-service trials.

Self-service trials will allow different teams within the tenant organization to start experiencing Viva Goals simultaneously.

When this will happen:

We will begin rolling out in mid-March and expect to complete by mid-April.

How this affects your organization:

Self-service trial licenses will be a part of your Microsoft organizational tenant, and you will be able to manage these licenses like other Microsoft subscriptions. Use of trials will be governed by the Microsoft Product Terms, like other Microsoft services, and your organization’s volume licensing agreement. You will be able to cancel or reassign trial licenses at any time.

You will also fully control whether trials are converted to paid subscriptions. Users won’t need to input payment information when signing up. If a user would like to convert to a paid license, they must work with you directly to do so.

What you can do to prepare:

Users can get started on the trial here

Review our updated self-service purchase and trial documentation here. We’ve added important information about the way trials work, the data that is collected, and the terms that apply. Learn more about managing self-service trials, including how to opt out, here. To learn more about how to use Viva Goals, please visit our detailed learning resources.

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