Stream (Classic) to be disabled on Oct 15, 2023 unless you take action

This is a reminder regarding a previous message center post “Stream Migration Tool and Delay Settings are Now Generally Available” MC516263

Starting on October 15, 2023 your users will no longer be able to access Stream (Classic) unless you take action to delay this change. This change can be delayed until April 15, 2024. The process to delay this change can be found here: How to delay the change that will block users from accessing Stream (Classic)

How this will affect your organization:

Users will lose access to Stream (Classic) on October 15, 2023 unless you take action.

What you need to do to prepare:

If you would like to extend access to Stream (Classic) for your users, then follow process outlined here: How to delay the change that will block users from accessing Stream (Classic)

Additionally, please inform your stakeholders that Stream (Classic) is being retired and Stream (on SharePoint) with be the new video service within Microsoft 365. We also strongly encourage the admins to migrate their tenant’s existing videos on from Stream (Classic) to Stream (on SharePoint) using the Migration tool. Stream (Classic) will be retired on April 15, 2024. After this date users and admins will no longer able to access or use Stream (Classic), and any remaining content in Stream (Classic) that was not migrated will be deleted.

For more information see the resources below:

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