Stream live events will be retired on January 31, 2024

This is an important reminder for customers who use Stream (Classic) to host live events. Stream live events will be retired on Jan 31, 2024. Microsoft Teams live events and town halls in Teams, both with encoder support, are your new platforms to host and run live events.

This message was originally sent on February 9, 2023, and then on Sept 12, 2023, in the Message Center post MC513601 titled “Stream live events replacement service.” 

Teams live events and town halls in Microsoft Teams are the replacement services to Stream live events. Teams live events and town halls allow you to create, host and produce large-scale events with similar functionality to Stream. They also support Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) input, which lets you create highly polished events that feature combined live streams, screen overlays, on-screen data and more.  When this will happen:

The Stream live events service will be retired on January 31, 2024.

How this will affect your organization:

We recommend that you begin using Teams live events or town halls in Teams to schedule and host live events.

If your organization has Stream live events scheduled beyond January 31, 2024, please reschedule those events. Any Stream live events scheduled after January 31, 2024 will be automatically removed. 

For more information see the links below:

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