Syntex is available in non-primary region of multi-geo tenants

With this release, Syntex capabilities such as document processing, image tagging, taxonomy tagging, content assembly, and OCR are available in the non-primary region of multi-geo tenants.

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When this will happen:

Roll out will begin mid-October and complete by mid-November.

How this will affect your organization:

End users in the non-primary region of your tenant will be able to use the Syntex capabilities that you have enabled in your tenant.

What you need to do to prepare:

Let end users in the non-primary region of your tenant know that these features are available to them. 

If you have not yet enabled Syntex, go to the Microsoft Admin Center under Set Up –> Files and Content–> Use Content AI with Microsoft Syntex.  Then connect an Azure subscription to begin using Syntex pay-as-you-go Content AI services.  Learn more here.  Microsoft Syntex documentation

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