Take advantage of new Viva Engage capabilities for leaders and communicators

This month we have introduced several capabilities for leaders, corporate communicators, and employees to improve your campaigns, events, and engagement across the platform. This includes:  

  • Featured conversations and leader announcements that can be highlighted as Top Posts
  • See all featured Leadership Corner Feeds.
  • Sort and filter the Leadership Corner Feed
  • Campaign discovery hub updates 

When this will happen:

These features are available now.

Beginning mid-July admins will be prompted with a banner on the Viva Engage home feed to assign corporate communicators, identify leaders and assign audiences. This is intended to drive awareness and help admins through the configuration process. 

How this affects your organization:

Leadership Corner is part of the new Viva Engage. It brings together leadership experiences across Viva Engage, empowering leaders and employees to connect and engage directly and effectively. It’s personalized for each employee based on the audiences they belong to and the leaders they choose to follow and helps employees engage in two-way dialogue with leaders, share questions and ideas in Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) events, and participate in social campaigns to drive business initiatives. Learn more

What you can do to prepare:

How can admins help the organization adopt Viva Engage premium? 

  • Ensure the right service plans for both seeded and premium features are assigned to the desired user base. For more details on the service plans associated with Viva Engage premium, check out this article. 
  • Through the Engage admin center, identify and assign corporate communicators who can further identify leaders, create campaigns and view campaign analytics. For more information on the roles and capabilities of this role, check out this article.
  • Identify leaders and audiences to make the most of leadership corner, announcements, and AMAs. For more information on these features, check out this article. 

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