Time zone updates for Kazakhstan, Samoa, and Palestinian Authority

Three time zone changes have been put into effect as part of the March 2024 non-security preview update and the April 2024 security update. Samoa has abolished the use of DST. Kazakhstan has switched to a single time zone throughout the entire country. The Palestinian Authority has delayed the beginning of DST for 2024 and 2025. Microsoft recommends temporary workarounds for users affected by these changes. Read individual articles on the Daylight Saving Time & Time Zone Blog

How this will affect your organization: 
If your organization has users affected by these changes, their systems may show an incorrect time until the available fixes are installed.  
What you need to do to prepare: 
Install the necessary fixes as soon as they are available to you. Should you be unable to do so, you can temporarily disable automatic DST adjustments in Windows, or manually set a different time zone to reflect the correct time for your region. After installing the March 2024 non-security preview update and the April 2024 security update, promptly re-enable automatic DST adjustments in Windows. 

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