Twitter web part retirement

If your organization is not using the Twitter web part or has disabled it via PowerShell (Use the Twitter web part) in SharePoint in Microsoft 365 this notification may be safely disregarded.

Due to a change in Twitter’s terms of use for third-party access, the Twitter web part in SharePoint in Microsoft 365 will no longer be supported and will be removed from the web part toolbox, as well as from any Microsoft-produced site templates.

When will this happen:

This change will be rolling out mid-September.

How this will affect your organization:

The Twitter web part will no longer be available to select from the web part toolbox within SharePoint pages. Any pages that currently have the Twitter web part will be unaffected by this change, however due to a change in Twitter’s terms of use for third-party access, users may see an error message (originally communicated in MC630306 July 2023).

What you need to do to prepare:

SharePoint administrators should consider removing the Twitter web part from their SharePoint pages. This can be done manually via the page authoring experience.


Message ID: MC662249

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