Updated Experience for Office Document Conflict Resolution in OneDrive Sync

We have updated the experience to resolve Office document conflicts in the OneDrive sync app. 

Previously, clicking the “Resolve” action on a conflict would require the user to choose between opening the file in the Office desktop app to merge changes or keeping both versions of the file (forking the document and appending the computer’s name to the forked file). After this change, the user can only open the document with a conflict in Office to merge the changes. The option to fork the document will be removed.

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When this will happen:

We will begin rolling out to the Production ring across Windows and macOS in early August 2023 and expect to complete rollout by late August 2023.

How this will affect your organization:

Users will no longer be able to keep both documents and must open the changes in the corresponding Office desktop app to fix the sync conflict.

What you need to do to prepare:

No action is required at this time. If you have documentation that describes fixing sync conflicts by forking the document, you will need to update it to reflect the change.  

Message ID: MC660614

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