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Viva Pulse is a new employee feedback experience that is available for use with your Viva Suite subscription. Viva Pulse empowers managers and project team leaders to request and receive feedback from their teams at any time. Managers and project leads can choose from research-based templates to quickly create a pulse request and send it to select individuals, or groups. They will receive confidential feedback from their team, and they can take immediate action to increase employee engagement and wellbeing. To ensure that your organization has access to this app, our engineering team will conduct a procedure which will ensure that customers having an active subscription to the Microsoft Viva Suite will see the new Viva Pulse service plan alongside other existing Viva service plans.

This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 117393

When this will happen:

The Viva Pulse service plan will begin rollout mid-June thru mid-July.  

How this will affect your organization:

Once a user in your tenant tries to access Viva Pulse for the first time, the Viva Pulse service plan will be accessible to that user since the user has a license assignment to the Viva Suite. Viva Pulse capabilities will be delivered through two experiences: a Microsoft Teams app and a web experience. Users can access the web experience by visiting Viva Pulse.

You are receiving this message because your Microsoft Viva Suite license enables access to Viva Pulse capabilities. This update will not change your experience or impact any other parts of your Viva Suite or Microsoft 365 admin center.

What you need to do to prepare:

  1. When this change takes effect, please make note of the new service plan names for your administrative records and ensure that you update any relevant provisioning documentation, as needed.
  2. For instructions on how to preinstall and pin the Teams app for users in your tenant, you can visit Set up Viva Pulse for your organization | Microsoft Learn.
  3. As an Organization Admin, you have direct access to the Microsoft Viva Pulse admin experience, where you can configure Viva Pulse preferences specific to your organization. To learn more about the optional configurations, please visit Set up the in-app Viva Pulse experience | Microsoft Learn.
  4. You can enable Viva Pulse public preview today to let your organization start using it before general availability. To do so, global admins can go to the Viva Pulse page to enable public preview. 

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