Viva Topics To Be Retired

Viva Topics will be retired as Microsoft focuses our efforts on building new knowledge and content experiences in Microsoft Copilot. 

When will this happen:

Viva Topics will be retired February 22, 2025. As of this date, Viva Topics will no longer be accessible by your users.

How this will affect your organization:

Topic pages that have been published by users will continue to exist as standard SharePoint pages. This means that while existing Topic pages will no longer be automatically enhanced by AI, users can still edit and publish updates as they would any other SharePoint page.

The Topics Center where the Topic pages are located will be converted into a standard SharePoint site and can be maintained and governed like any other SharePoint site.

For more detailed information on why we are making this change and its impact, please refer to the support documentation and FAQs.

What you need to do to prepare:

Topics will be available until February 2025, but we recommend you pivot your knowledge management strategy immediately to other tools in Microsoft 365. SharePoint continues to be a repository of knowledge, Viva Answers enables experts to answer questions, and Copilot & Microsoft Search enable knowledge discovery.

Refer to the new Knowledge Page on the Microsoft 365 Adoption Hub for adoption and guidance advice.

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