Microsoft Syntex: move and copy content rule actions

Syntex content rules allow you to configure simple actions in document libraries based on file metadata. To make it easier to manage uploaded content we are providing two new actions, allowing you to move and copy files based on metadata extracted by Syntex models. For example, you can create a rule to move files tagged with a specific customer name to a specific library. This helps you structure your content architecture with the power of AI-driven processing.

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Microsoft Syntex: Universal Annotations

Syntex licensed users will be able to highlight, circle and underline on PDF and TIFF files without modifying the underlying file. This will help end users collaborate on files without making copies or compromising the document record.

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Microsoft Syntex Pay-as-you-go Preview

Microsoft is offering a limited-time free preview of pay-as-you-go billing functionality that will be used in the future for some Microsoft Syntex services. The preview allows you to track Microsoft Syntex unstructured document processing events at no cost to assess usage and estimate costs for a future pay-as-you-go license.

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Microsoft Syntex Content Query Updates

With this update, customers will be able to add operators for “contains” and “does not contain” on text columns and greater than and less than on number, date and currency columns.

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SharePoint Syntex: Improvements for Model Discovery and Use

To make it easier to view available model options we are updating the model selection and creation experience – in both the content center and team sites. This update also allows form processing models created and trained in AI Builder to be reused across libraries and sites.

A new model option – trained using AI Builder – suitable for extracting information from files contained in both fields and paragraphs is also being added to this experience.


Microsoft Syntex: Operators on custom number, currency and date columns, and inclusions and exclusions within text-based fields

With this update, you will be able to query , or


Microsoft Syntex: Pay-as-you-go Preview

With this limited-time preview, you will be able to use Unstructured Document Processing and see where pages are processed across your tenant.


SharePoint Syntex: Advanced Metadata Search supports new column types: multiline text and taxonomy

End users will be able to add the queriable multiline text and taxonomy columns from their library into the advanced metadata search.
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SharePoint Syntex: Content Assembly – create pdf documents from modern templates

With this feature we will support pdf as document output format from modern templates in addition to the already supported docx format.


SharePoint Syntex: Add extracted entities to open term set if no match found

Provides option to add entities extracted using a document understanding model to an open term set if no match to an existing term (or synonym) is found.


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