Manage Auto-Claim Policies for products containing Microsoft Teams

An auto-claim policy lets users automatically claim a license for a product the first time that they sign into an app. As an admin, you typically assign licenses to users either manually, or by using group-based licensing. By using auto-claim policies, you manage the products for which users can automatically claim licenses. You can also control which products those licenses come from.

When this will happen

This feature is now released for general availability.

How this will affect your organization

By default, the auto-claim policy feature is turned off. To enable the feature:

  • In the admin center, go to the Billing > Licenses page, then select the Auto-claim policy tab.
  • In the center of the page, select the Turn on setting button.

After you create an auto-claim policy, you can do the following tasks to manage the policy:

  • Turn the policy on or off
  • Edit the policy friendly name
  • Add or remove backup products
  • Manage the assigning apps and services
  • Change the assigning order
  • View a policy report

What you need to do to prepare

Before you begin using this feature, you must be a Global admin to create and manage auto-claim policies. For more information, refer to: Manage auto-claim policies

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