Microsoft Teams: Extended Real-time Telemetry Retention Up To Seven Days

The Real-Time Analytics feature in the Teams admin center (TAC) allows IT admins to view their users’ meetings and identify issues related to audio, video, content sharing, and network connectivity. As an admin, you can use this information to investigate and address any problems with the meeting experience while the meeting is ongoing.

In the current public preview, Real-time telemetry is only stored for users when administrators explicitly subscribe (go to user’s meeting history and click on specific meeting) to it during ongoing meetings. This prevents admins from troubleshooting the issue if the meeting is already over and telemetry is not captured explicitly.

However, with this new update, Real-time telemetry will be captured and stored by default for all users with Teams premium licenses, even if admins do not explicitly subscribe to it in the Teams admin center.

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When this will happen:

Rollout will begin in late October 2023 and is expected to be complete by mid-November 2023.

How this will affect your organization:

This feature is part of a Teams premium add-on SKU and only users with Teams premium licenses will have their Real-time telemetry stored for up to seven days.

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What you need to do to prepare:

No action is required at this time from admins.

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