Microsoft Teams: Watermark support for recording playback (Premium)

Recording can now be enabled for watermarked meetings (Watermark feature requires a Teams Premium license). An email ID will be displayed as the watermark during the meeting recording playback. Once a meeting has concluded, users can access the recorded content on both web and mobile platforms to watch the recording with watermarking.

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When this will happen:

We will begin rolling out in mid-October and expect to complete by late October.

How this will affect your organization:

IT admins can now encourage meeting hosts to enable recording for watermarked meetings. The recording playback will be watermarked with the participants’ email ID to avoid information leakage and add a layer of protection.

What you need to do to prepare:

You may need to update the documentation for your users to mention the existence of this feature.

  • In a watermarked meeting, the meeting organizer and the co-organizer can now start recording by clicking on the “start recording” button.
  • Once the meeting/recording has ended, participants can retrieve the link in the meeting chat and open the recording on the web.
  • When the recording is opened on the web, they will see their individual email ID as the watermark on the meeting.
  • When a meeting is recorded by the organizer, it will be saved onto their SharePoint and be able to download since they are the owner of the recording.
  • The download option is only for the person who recorded the meeting (file owner). The owner can provide access to the other person.
  • On the recording, it will add the email ID of the user who clicked on the recording file to watch the recording playback in the browser.  
  • The owner of the file will see their own email ID all over the recording.  
  • As a participant/other viewer of the file, if I watch the recording on the web, I would see my email ID all over the recording. 


You can find more details about Watermark in Teams Premium in this documentation: Watermark for Teams meetings.

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